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A guy that has a dream. He's a guy that's been bounced around. He's a guy that had a switch colleges. He's a guy that was a great baseball pitcher in high school. Probably could've taken that path but he decided he wanted to be a quarterback in the nfl and they wanted to live the dream. You know that reminds me of gee. i don't know boomer. Who does that remind you of me. So i am pulling for this guy. I cannot believe. And i'm pulling for him because he doesn't have his own. Special coach wasn't drafted in the first round wasn't wet nursed and privileged and all the crap is a guy that basically fought to get here and everybody last week that maybe just maybe potentially he could be the jets version of tom brady and he got the job just like tom brady. Got the job. He got the job and took a hold of it much. Like tom brady. Did all those a little bit older than tom brady. And he's not gonna be fricken. Brock osweiler or matt flynn that he is going to be the leader of the jet nation. Moving forward so there's a big part of me that really wants to see this guide. Make it so. He's been in the nfl for four years. Yeah now he has made white-collar money he's averaging about five hundred twenty two thousand dollars a year but compare that to everybody else in this league and how much think you'd pay the pay order is what it is. I tell you and i'm telling you. I am rooting for this blue collar. Guy to take all the so if you are on your sanitation truck during their getting ready to go to some plumbing or your manufacturing or you're working out on the streets of the and jamming up traffic. I'm telling you that this guy is representing u. When he steps on the field tonight and his jet white uniform he will be in his white uniform. So there's a lot of things that are aligning for tonight's game for mike white and he has an opportunity to hear for a number of a number of things one. He can stay claim that he deserves to be on the field the rest of the season. Yeah it's one number two. He can also stake a claim that he belongs in the nfl. I think he showed enough last week. That somewhere along the line because at the end of this year. He's a free agent months like taylor. Heinecke was going to be for the washington football team after they lost to the tampa. Bay buccaneers in the playoffs. That he can get himself a legitimate contract and he and his beautiful wife can go on and start their life without the insecurities of not knowing whether or not he's going to be on a frequent football team so there are so many reasons why we should all be sending out so much positive energy as much as we possibly can in this miserable city that has always at his throat towards a guy who is trying to live a dream g trying to live a dream always limited right now. He is smack dab in the middle of that dream. And it's going to continue tonight. I really do believe that. It is for all the reasons that we talked about on monday. And throughout the week that it was not a fluke you can't beat the cincinnati bengals. Play that well throw for four hundred yards on luck. That's not the way it works throws that he made the confidence in which he played with the fact that he's teammates loved him so much. And we're not surprised by this the fact that the offensive coordinator was confident enough in his quarterback for the first time all year to go upstairs as opposed to being down on the field because he felt like the guy who was under center needed it all of these things that we didn't know about mike white leading up to the game then watching him play then re watching him play than watching the highlights. He is going to play again. Well again he is going to play well again. I don't love the fact that vegas doesn't believe in him but screw it why we have would day god right angle. We need something. Yes something like the next leg. Goddamn egg last night and we need something we need something to cheer for and i wanna i wanna cheer for a guy who's just trying to live juryman that's all it is. It's about a dream. It's about a young man that saw himself and saw himself and had so much confidence in himself. When he was going to step on that field he was going to get the job done and then after the game humbly accept all the showering of of chance with his name and celebrating with his wife and family. Yeah and basically doing something that nobody and i mean nobody other than himself and maybe some of his teammates. I wouldn't at that Believed that he was going to be able to do so a man. I swear to god he is a. He's got a chance in time right now. It's like he's won the lottery and now he's got a cash in and he's got to make it happen and he's got to inspire team-mates like a great quarterback should do. He's got a lead his teammates. He's gotta go out there. Play poised stay accurate Make some deeper throws. I'm sure tonight he'll be he'll be pressed into doing that. Yeah that's what. I was gonna ask him. I mean there's no doubt about it that the coal to on a short week soul. What mike white did didn't that game. They saw where he was successful. They saw the yards after catch. They show they saw the short passes that they're gonna force them to throw the ball down the field they have to right. I mean that knowledge would become a knowledge true and plus you know showed enough athleticism that i think you still have to worry about. Maybe him taken off for a first down or to which i think is good But you know now he finds out what it's like to have a team truly prepared for him because he put something on tape and now they know what he looks like so. This will be interesting but again. I don't know if it's a. I think it's a disadvantage for him a little bit because it's a short week and probably the advantage for a team like the colts that you know you know they've. They've had their coach has been there for four years. They've been through this before they know what's going on and the interesting thing about the colts. Two weeks ago. They played on a monday night. And san francisco got back on tuesday morning. Like at six o'clock in the morning then they had to play sunday against the titans and they had to turn around to assure a week. So i don't know there's a lot of crap going on here you never know but I think that Mike white if if they if they lose let's say they lose. I don't know twenty eight to twenty seven thirty eight or thirty four to thirty and he puts up three touchdowns and throws for three hundred fifty yards. There's your quarterback man. There's the other kid doesn't even deserve to get back on the field the matter. How many freaking coaches they come in here to put pampers on him and baby them and and you know coalesce him or whatever the hell. They're doing them so you think that if he plays well tonight that that's it for the rest of the year. It's not going to be a week to week. Thing i i look at this kid plays well. He deserves to be on the field. Go the other kid. Sit down and watch son and let me see how bad you want it. Let me see you practice and practice. And eventually there may be another time that he gets on the field due to injury or ineffectiveness or something. But you know like. I can only go by the way i felt when i first got the job at the university of maryland. When i first got that job. I said i am not giving god damn thing up. I am not. I've waited too long for this. I've worked too hard for this I i've dealt with so much crap over my life. Nobody thought i had a chance. They lied the frank reich thinking that i was going to fail out of school and be get married and also the crap and you know and you you realize all the things that you're up against and then when you get the opportunity you gotta seize the moment and not everybody's able to do that. I'm not saying that it's easy for anybody but there are. There are of that out there and one of the biggest examples and turned out to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Tom brady maybe one of the greatest leaders of all time. Maybe a guy who told us team everybody get fricken vaccinated so we can go back and get another goddamn super bowl leader. you know. it's it's not a guy that's standing in front of a press conference saying that you're immunized and then every press conference you have since then you don't wear a freaking mass because you're not following protocols so everybody thinks you're vaccinated when you're actually unvaccinated. Same thing standing on the sidelines. Same thing around the facility. Yeah just that's their not leader starving. Everybody thought just just the.

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