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Win. Money in this lawsuit are settled. A win money yes. He will get at least some of his money back that he was going to get. I don't think he'll get all of it. It'll reach settlement like age. Aj hinch reached a settlement quietly. It never got to this. I'll say yes. But i party wants to say no just because of what could come out of it but it. It feels like the ashes will do anything to make sure that none of astra's don't want us to go. I mean yeah they're not gonna want go to corn. The answer is yes that we will get paid. Don't know if you'll get it all but he'll get paid just ended. Yes that they'll put a all you know a lot of the old gag order on. Don't talk after this is done and move on and he's gonna get paid just because nobody regardless. Nobody they want this done. They want to move on and twenty twenty one will jeff luneau get another job by twenty twenty two in baseball now. I think this with all the other stuff. I i think. His name is going to be rumored about. It's been lightly brought up already with the angels job but there sound like there was no real actual discussion of it. I i just get the feeling. That the way that i think unless until he sits down and i just think that he's being so defiant with it's going to turn a lot of people off but only takes one would want to win and he's definitely one josh. I'll say not baseball by do think there's a good chance. He goes and becomes a some sort of adviser for like a soccer team in england or mexico or maybe gaming mean like an eastward team. Something weird i think. He'll have a job but i don't think he ever gets back in baseball for how he's handled this by twenty twenty two for sure not. He'll have a job in sports. It just won't be in baseball running a team and after twenty. Twenty two maybe twenty twenty three twenty twenty four. Somebody starts to decide that enough times past but also when lawsuits hit baseball teams. Get leery of that sports teams do. They're like who could that happen to us. You know what i'm saying. They just they don't like it when people go after their former employer because they're wondering if that's going to be damn whether we whether you guys you know like at home or not but no baseball by twenty twenty two Cam newton and patriot past this season. Nope not a chance. I'll i don't think so. He's not been good. they're not good. I think they'll draft quarterback. I'm going to say yes. But i think most of what you said scraped. I think they're going to draft a quarterback they may bring some young kitten or a young guy in that has an upside. Like maybe bring setback or something. I think cam still on the roster. But i don't think he's gonna be there guy for the future i think he just maybe a holdover until they get the next guy that they want to at least see what he has you know if cam newton's dot the star going in not coming back i don't think he's back and i think there's a chance of this continues at jimmy. Garoppolo could be the quarterback in new england next year. I think that that is a depending draft. A guy garoppolo. Well at the san francisco for the dc. They only have to pay four point. Eight million dollars. You cannot believe the banter going on in san francisco. Where do you go from there. You have a super bowl roster that just banged out this season and that that's and that's the other side. I've tried to bang the table for that same. Listen let's not. Let's not make knee jerk decisions if you're the forty niners but here's the problem. A lot of us look around the league with like the. The instant impact. Quarterbacks are making in the passing game right in. Jimmy struggled issue but he helped. The team gets the soup with good numbers. I think what it is is they think fans and media think that there's another quarterback gets another level and that if you let him go. Could you trade for sam darnold for a third round. Pick under a rookie deal and do that. And now there's a lot of banter about zack wilson. Now the kid from byu. I moved to trade for him. I think jimmy is a good player. I think they think there's i think they liked jimmy. I'm not sure they love him. And i think there is the chance. I talked to the patriots color commentator. I said who's on. Who's your starting quarterback next year. And he said he he's on forty niners roster right now in which way. I found odd but they loved him. There didn't want to get with him. Could happen because it only costs and four point eight million dollars total over the next two years to get rid of one hundred million dollar contracts. So we'll see. I like jimmy. I just wonder if they love him enough to keep him. I think a lot of the san francisco fans have also started convinced himself that aaron rodgers is a real threat. And i don't. I don't think it is it all the he's gonna stay with the packers as long as he wants. Then they'll bring in love. They're not gonna get to love quicker to get aaron rodgers aaron rod jordan. Love going to be doing what he's doing this year set in his ass right on the bench a plan while rogers air and the forty niners are not gonna be able to pull that off next year. But there's growing there's a groundswell of new either change. Is there any chance that rogers says. Let's let's go ahead and do this. All if he's pissed off they keep pissing him off like they do baby. And it'd be perfect. You give rogers a healthy forty niners roster the way they run it and they're def- lookout man different story right rogers on that team when healthy and deebo samuel and they're pretty good. george kittle. Yeah bosa back. Be interesting all right. We'll fuller texan next year. Yes i think that they franchise tag him is my guess money but i just i don't think they would have kept himself into a corner. When did that's exactly what i was gonna say. I if you asked me three weeks ago. I would have said no. But because they are so defiant about keeping it feels like i'm just they have to lease franchise tag him. At least they may give him the big deal he wants but i don't think he goes away at all like he's a little bit. Is sam darnold a starting quarterback in the nfl. on another franchise next year. Yes i will. I will say that. He's starting for somebody whether it's chicago chicago. Mix to inver sometimes. Been right for them. I think i think locks future for denver. But i think this is an intriguing. One as san francisco to with their rosters right. Yeah somebody who. He'll start for somebody in extra. There's no way it just won't be the going to look at. This guy. needs a reset right up in place where that's not the jets. Yep i would agree. One hundred percent josh. Yes or no yes. I don't know if he's the fulltime star but he'll start a game or two for at least some team next year okay. I'll let you mull this over and before you answer. We'll patrick don't don't blurt it out. Will patrick mahomes of win the mvp this year sports. Talk seven ninety. Willie or won't he will they or won't they will it or won't it. We'll finish that up here on sports. Talk seven hundred. Sean salisbury show a lot of hardcore good opinion here continue to roll on with the crew coming back sports. Talk seven hundred you know what's not healthy a stressing about work. What's even more unhealthy as if you're out of work or you're not getting the hours you need to support your family case. Ah let's stop stressing. 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