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Those treatments are very specialized only a very small subset of the patients. So we're talking like 1% of the kids may have it and they only treat them when they are two or three years old before the show any signs of the disease. So it's not something that somebody who already is in a wheelchair would benefit from right and that's what I tell my students. This is what we can make a difference. I those folks that are doing that kind of research that is amazing. Maybe one day they'll prevent any kid from getting sick right are millions of people out there who are going to be sick with this disease and we might be able to have an impact by birth. Turn it down or or sort of reverting something, you know to help them. So once the damage is done to the muscle then that's it. There's no repairing it. Right, right. Yeah, and that's one of the tragic thing is that even some of the repair Machinery that the muscles normally have. For example, when you go to the gym when you engage in any type of exercise you do in doing some type of Micro damage to your muscle, right and your muscle has this amazing Machinery that allows it to heal itself and to grow and that's how people bulk up when they go to the gym basically, right? However, that is targeting more the engine part of the of muscle that the part the contract the part makes the force not the part that withstand those forces. And so some of the the the ways that muscles try to cope with the damage for example inflammation and some of these steps that any tissue that you have we'll try to to basically said Is said chain of events to kind of overcome the damage that has happened people have come up with the idea that this is actually making things even worse. So some of the amazing that is available for patients with muscular dystrophy aren't actually treating the disease but treating the response of the body to the disease, right? So anti-inflammatories like, you know, things like that. These are things that are not really targeting muscular dystrophy, but rather what the muscle is doing now that it's breaking right right. It's more like alleviating the symptoms rather than the ride like in the symptom is really the muscle trying to cure itself, but it's just not working out and there are a number of things that we have them in order to folks in in our lab also have seen that kind of makes this more tragic, you know, and so one of the things that happens when the muscles break Is calcium which is you know, probably familiar with it. Many things is a very important component of all right, right positive. Right and we use it for signaling thought. Oh, yeah. I like the cat shown in the forecast. Maybe you can take a picture but you know this the kind of calcium is important for the Masters to contract in muscular dystrophy. One of the things that happens with the muscle break is that the the stores will discuss humans being kept safely get out of the way get broken and costume kind of leaks and goes everywhere and that leads to the muscle becoming hyper contracted because the calcium is the one that decides now the month contract and so now you have a muscle that it's week, but it's also Contracting when you shouldn't be contracting and you know, Kelsey mm because the calcium is their birth And not only that but when you're moving around if you think of your arms or your legs you have sets of muscles are act in a position to each other. Right? So you're bisexual tracks your tricep relaxes in your arm. Right? And so one muscle contracts the other.

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