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System or road mapping tool. I'm happy with which everyone they like. And everybody's going to get on board. It does make it much easier if everybody on. The team is doing similar work with similar tools. So we're going to confuse the sales and marketing folks if every product has it's own format and structure for what's happening next or they have to look in six places so i think there's there's a lot of value in common tools in alignment but i would really back off and say if the folks on my team have strong preferences will go with that for starter he app. You've said just leaving open dialogue between them and then they figured out right so right and then at the foreign. We know that the engineering team won't use anything that we picked from the product management side. So if we don't have an output to jira or whatever their ticketing system is they're going to ignore everything we want so there's a minimum technical requirements here but I for instance don't expect my product manages to use jira as a product to because it would be terrible so you know what are we gonna do to capture good customer input to wait different parts of the model and then we're going to just transform it somehow later that's fair. That was talking about the next challenge. Rich on around garrone cross functional collaboration. Yeah this is again. I think this is leader. Level material now every product manager does this but Maybe not everybody on my team spends a lot of time on it We know that if marketing isn't paying attention to what we're building and shipping and releasing the nobody's gonna find out about it and if sales doesn't have the right incentives to sell it. Nobody's gonna take it. And if support isn't excited and trained and has good faq's and escalation paths than our customers are going to suffer so You know lots of things. We have to do here to build cross functional collaboration things on my list. One is I think is a product leader. Probably need to visit every one of the staff meetings of my peers. Let's say once a month or twice a quarter you know refresh him on the roadmap asked for input. Show them that we care. I think You know everybody on. My product team needs to remind their cross functional equivalence..

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