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9 a.m. on your home of the bears, Dave kerner and his radio one O 5 9, wbm. It's four 48. Now traffic and weather together on the 8s and ears tried Ericsson. Some good news if you're on the inbounds out of 57. It's late at the end of the tunnel anyway. It's still jammed up from a 119th up to just about Halstead, but the earlier crash is being pulled off, so it's lightning a hair, but not a lot just yet, but it will. The upside is completely clear so nothing left to look at, so no spectators slowing any longer. It's all gone prior to that. You do have something starting to build a bit past valmer. We'll just call this approaching IE northbound and into that work zone before you even get to the other zone. The upside of the Stevenson has a crash reported. This is right at pulaski or just off of the Stevenson app pulaski. He either way, it's causing delays on pulaski and the Stevenson outbound from Damon out to just about Cicero now so it goes right past that area. In your slowdowns begin at first avenue just before that and up to at least almost up to the Dan Ryan ramps. North is up under the savage lakeshore drive You're seeing some stressed out down from Michigan chew, Chicago avenue and then through grant park seems to be okay. North side, you got a Roosevelt through grand park to Chicago avenue. That's pretty much a solid delay and don't forget about the zoo lights going on. And that will have people slowing, not just yet, but just keep it in mind and pass north avenue to Fullerton where we always see some delays, especially the right lane as crowded, but then that left lane gets a little bit tricky too. Inbound side of the Kennedy all the way in, no express lanes for you, so you're happy from Harlem all the way to downtown. I hope outside slows from about Irving park out to Harlem and your inbound side of the edens is really taking a hit now from before Peterson jammed into the Kennedy without the benefit of those express lanes you do run into this and Eisenhower your usual stuff in from really north avenue now that we're seeing a little bit of a thicker delay all the way into downtown. It doesn't take much of a break. From the metric traffic set up, you can actually put it four 58. That news radio one O 5 9. Clear skies, cold tonight. We will see less wind, a low of 20°. Tomorrow, a sunny day, not quite as

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