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That was funny dusting crying pickles with the breading number four i went south western eggrolls and those are disgusting they're delicious mesa grill growth south it has cheese and corn usually some chicken like they're good you go to i i'm not i'm done shouting out restaurants for free but there's a place stories not good if i don't have the reference never go i love their southwestern girls so they're very cool i'll be sure to attend area we go there to get them wing easter wings are very good to number three soft pretzels i know you're listening to this thinking you hate that that's not an appetizer fuck you yes it is hell yada especially dairy queen during queen those advertiser old chicago those are now after like four straight meals when we went to louisville dairy queen they still have sticks yes they do i mean i've been known to get a self pretzel and just spread that she's face yeah you are you have done that a lie that is funny i just got like we sat on the mid week show we wanted to road trip to dallas and every time we'd ever by dairy queen car i don't know i kinda wanna go there because it's just now it's ingrained in my dna to dairy queen on a road trip and the fact that we live in the only small town in america that doesn't have dairy queen i hear we're getting one leads the rumor i don't know i'm not gonna hold my breath on it so soft pretzels number three soft pretzel cheese.

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