Castro discussed on Herman Cain


Just trump of course drumpf lately I don't know if the Democrats realize that their messaging lately is that trump has to go because he has authoritarian impulses but Castro that's complex not all bad yeah that's senator Graham you literacy for all you kill ten thousand people the negative tell you what size soft drink you can buy but trump is an existential threat because of his authoritarian impulses but Fidel Castro thanks to bag some bad but good trump no good and America won't exist if he's reelected but Fidel Castro all we know Eric he killed at least ten thousand people for the crime of disagreeing with them but they are good Medicare does very good medical coverage for the people you didn't tell right right whether that is still white he talked to people that he did not match the car Paul reed and other here also and die this is I was if I was running one of these debates just straight up who's more dangerous to the history of the world Fidel Castro or Donald Trump I want to get a ride on the record all of this okay okay Castro one always the greatest but he's wasn't an existential threat I'm so I'm so glad you brought this up because this morning usually the mornings I watch CNN and at night I watch fox oh wow the show time in your day time or night time ever so very different yeah I just try to go to bed let's see he goes to bed in the front party in the back dreaming of yeah I'm trying to get some feedback on Hannity's on no C. R. A. Carter it is a dreamer and you wake up to Alisyn Camerota okay I thought it was will be Harlow or whatever willow will be with today but what kind of a hard poppy Harlow but you know it's funny they they they were showing the is it helped on her one now yes we were showing the polling from Nevada to South Carolina and they did not understand why Joe Biden has gained in polling and gotten better polling numbers right week but none of that panel brought up the fact that that comic came out this week everyone's like it doesn't make sense he wanted a vata in writing that all the Bernie moments would Kerry over yeah I think maybe some of that but I think mostly you get Joe Biden who was the vice president for eight years a known entity to everybody does have introduced himself has put all of his eggs in the South Carolina basket and looks like he's gonna win because he's gonna win there is he still up like fifteen percent most of the polling and then Sanders and then I think after that is it may I know what you're one hell of Bloomberg's figuring in there but because boomers liars not Stiers there because he had a fire starter second or third and then so because tires spend all his money there but if you look at the national we're talk about super Tuesday if these polls hold Bernie looks like Bernie might be the nominee by next Wednesday if I can help I understand that so you got to get this one yeah Joe Biden's predicting a winner on on Saturday here in South Carolina the whole thing yes this is this is Sam talking about trump blasts guy trump wants to run against his me that you do as a wrestling well I tell you what it means give me a ring at the summer as well as us out SummerSlam it's gonna be above I look Hey I don't know the cards left again as well Hey there's no roundness to falls no time limit again wrestling the cage and will take a month who's going to win thank that's right means telling somebody who I see that's already what do you do the lighting changes like under his face Hey Joe who's gonna lose you like something for Jordan Peele filled me come down in my basement I got it fifteen H. python I need my vegetables and my this was outside taking the rogaine need but they're supposed to push ups S. E. your body Concord public take a downturn I only have one question does this hurt my uncle they can steer stand against the ruler ring almost thrown down I'm ago Dudley Boyz ten thousand percent you too W. as well late I think that I could take you in a rainy night you could hear girl let me tell you this okay okay let your girl and you also like Bernie at the school but like I haven't been doing a lot of thinking about it took about two miles to win and I think that the country is in a place where they want to see me in the ring and yeah only few and became ten thousand percent yeah all right.

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