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In motor city and you'll find out why nobody by just one story number one it said it to what deep left center field trout god with a true shafts which throughout in this sector in his first major league home rockies radio on the call good gravy that was a shot last night john gray hitting it four where's the exact toll here this afternoon a papers fermi four hundred sixty seven feet longest by pitcher since stat caspi gan savimbi gan tracking homerun distance in this way i sensed 2015 is when that search so three seasons and the longest by any rockies player this year that was that john gray's homerun last night and i said this earlier scott feldman was throwing like pitches that greg mannix would be like come on man you can throw harder than that story is so slow in all the rockies hitters and i experience this when i was uh when i was a pitcher in high school i would strike i would strike out all these the big time hitters not be because i was a great pitcher but because they would we would go from you know someone thrown like eighty five or ninety two somebody thrown like me is thrown fifty six miles an hour and they could catch up to it or they were at way out ahead.

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