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Big fences, make bad neighbors in Washington, I'm del. Walter is in Washington. The battle lines have been drawn the president wants a border wall. Democrats don't take one hundred thousand government employees caught in the middle. No end in sight. This is a national security issue. I think this hiatus while Nancy Pelosi is relaxing on the beach and Hawaii and the American public is spending time with their families provided a window for the president to reflect on how this debate has been framed if he frames this correctly is a national security matter cost is frankly, irrelevant Republican donor. Dan, Palmer, Democrats say they'll focus on fixing government, specifically voter registration or too long. We've seen insidious efforts to prevent certain types of odors from voting whether it's by creating barriers to registration shutting down polling places or preventing common sense upgrades to our voting systems too. Many Americans are blocked from the ballot box that ends with the passage of. HR we will work not only to automate voter registration. But also to expand access to through early absentee and in-person methods democratic congressman elect Joe Nagas asked for that government shutdown little if any signs of progress to stop it Democrats say they have given the White House three options to reopen. The government that all three options include funding for border security, but not funding for the president's wall, which they call immoral ineffective and expensive. Fox's Ellison, Barbara. Meanwhile, change could be coming to customs and border protection order patrol made a series of changes since that boy passed away including second medical checks on all children in custody. Secretary Yeltsin traveled to El Paso, Texas, and Yuma. Arizona to see how medical screenings are being handled amid a spike in migrants arriving with illnesses in an unprecedented number of children and families. She called it a humanitarian crisis, but also.

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