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To understand the story of near scream. It starts with knowing more about Jack. Daniel and their friendship and the best place to do that is where it all began Lynchburg Tennessee. So I win. Zach Daniels. My name is Jed. I'M GONNA. Be Your tour, guide and Yeah! My mom named me jet. Yeah it happens all right. The distillery is nestled among the hills in Tennessee, walking country about an hour and a half south east of Nashville Ironically Jack Daniels is in a dry county, but don't worry. They let you get a taste of the whiskey. After your tour, we'll be covering history I production second, and at the very end of the tour. We will be sitting down sipping top shelf whiskey you. You chose wisely aright. It is a huge operation with facility spread out over two thousand acres. We serve the entire world from this county and only discount, despite it's size and the enormous amount of whiskey. It sells every year. Jack Daniels is proud of being made according to old fashioned traditions and slowly aged for years before it's considered good enough to drink that spirit yet it draws hundreds of thousands of Jack Daniels fans to visit each year. We Love Jack Daniels so we wanted to see where it was made. On our buckle to come down here anyway, so yeah, definitely, find your bucket list. Yeah, just something that I have to do before I die read. Traveled to Nashville for a quick vacation. So this is ls a fully flat this afternoon. On this tour our guide Jed has about twenty people including one Pesky podcast host from places like Illinois Iowa. Massachusetts Montreal and Ireland it kicks off in front of a seven story building near the top of the hill. You're looking at a million gallons of Jack inside that one building. Yeah you've arrived. And eventually winds its way is. We're going to go walk around the corner. Want to show you jack off his property to the opening of Limestone Cave that with fresh spring water. It's where Jack Daniels set up his still and started making whisky on the property, Visser Jack was born about five miles south in here. He was born the youngest in eighteen, fifty six when Jack was. was still a child. He became a farmhand for neighbor. Dan Call Call also owned a still along with being a Lutheran preacher, and it was on that farm that Jack learned how to make whisky as an adult. He bought the property where the distillery is today. His One story office is still standing in it a highlight of the tour. That is the actual safe that killed Jack. One morning, Jack kicked it in frustration, broke his toe, and it later had to be amputated that led to severe complications and eventually his death. y'All WanNa Touch Yucca Duchy guys just don't. Sorry to kill. Over the course of an hour and a half jed tells us a lot about Jack's life. How he was only five foot two, how he never married, and passed the business on to his nephew, and he also mentions the man who had a big impact on the direction of Jack's life now, the man who taught Jack to make whisky was Mr Nate the nearest green, Nathan Green or as is usually called nearest sometimes uncle nearest Mr Green during the time of the civil war before emancipate. He was infected enslavement over on the call property. Unlike Jack Though less is known about nine green. There aren't vivid stories about his life or the random objects. He kicked just the bear details. Here's Nelson Eddy. The distilleries historian, the earliest book on Jack, Daniels that we have was written in the nineteen sixties, and it tells the story of Jack and nearest not only them working together, but a friendship that they had that Book Jack Daniels Legacy was written by journalist who went to Lynchburg to do research an interview members of both families. It recounts a story when. I still in slave man was directed to teach a young Jack how to make whiskey and for a long time. This was about the extent of what people knew about nearest you know the Bible for the Jack Daniels tour was always the legacy book in the Legacy Book. It clearly tells the nearest Greens Jack Dino story a few years ago, however, the company relies nearest was not brought up regularly on tours, and he had largely vanished to the world outside of Lynchburg so Jack. Daniels saw an opportunity in twenty-six Teen During One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary. It was a story. We said. Hey We might like to highlight this. Because, not only did near a show Jack how to make whisky. How charcoal filter out impurities working side by side with enslaved man appears to have had a profound influence on him even after he became a successful businessman, it's something Nelson points to in a photo of an older Jack surrounded by the men who worked at the distillery. This was taken at the nineteen hundreds in the American south. And at that time, it would not have been the custom to seat immediately to the owners, right. An African American individual. Typically, they would be standing at the back. But not in this photograph. And When that photograph was uncovered, we wondered at the time. Who The gentlemen might be well The Green family has informed us that that is a George Green nearest green son. To of nearest green sons came to work with Jack when he moved his whiskey still to its current location later, nearest grandsons would work at the distillery today. Three of his descendants still work at Jack Daniels in fact since its founding in eighteen, sixty six, there has always been a member of the Green family working at the Jack Daniel's distillery. This history, largely unknown to the world, outside of Lynchburg struck a chord with reporter from the New York Times, and when his story was published in June, twenty sixteen. It featured this image of Green Next Jack Daniel. As there is no confirmed image of nearest green. One woman who read that article was gone weaver, and that photo Qatar I for the same reason. It fascinated Nelson the historian at Jack Daniels. The person in the center is an African. American man and it is as if Jack seeded the center of the photo to this African American man, and then stood just to the left of him and the question be gay. Who was that African American man? With that question and many more fun new which he had to do I became fascinated. Some people say I became obsessed. Whatever you WANNA call it. I became something and I decided to go to Lynchburg Tennessee. Though she had no connection to Mir and his family, she was determined no more about him. She was willing to move to Lynchburg in up in her entire life. To make sure the world would never again forget nearest green. Her story and his after.

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