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At any rate you know sometimes I just can't avoid injecting my personal reactions of Roma Downey tweets I didn't click on the link to the tweet because I did want to see everything involved with it so I don't know what she said but trump publishes his tweets without you having to click on the Twitter like so here's here's trumps reaction the Roma Downey sweet congratulating Greta phone Berg for being time's person of the year so ridiculous Greta must work on her anger management problem then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend chill granite chill Hey he's treating her as it and everything how I mean how me and then she had some snarky response to and people will mean how mean this trunk distraught because the bully wait a minute she's just been named the person of the year in a political magazine I'm sorry she's not a sixteen year old kid she's a political leader annoyed by the media and so trump is treating her as an adult exactly like the entire media establishment democratic abolish treating her she's such an adult she is the world's foremost authority on climate change now all over the world Greta fun Berg is treated as if she is a wives educated accomplish world leader she's not treated by leftist as a child she is treated as a peer she is said to be above all the most precious time magazine's person of the year that makes our infallible so trunks is ridiculous this kid being personal here this is crazy and he's making note of the fact that she's running around at sixteen angry all the time you know she got stranded in the US after came over the United Nations meeting she found some cloud to bring over here on a sailboat took some months across the land of Goshen and say about so that your trip will be carbon neutral doctrinal Hey I had a problem all how does she get back home they had forgotten and then how did that sailboat get back on the pilot of the sale that get a civil go back home so she had to get on some other boat this why he way and then she went to south apple why don't we all over the world to get back to Sweden without making a carbon footprint but the point is trump is ignited every time she speaks she's mad as hell angry and he thinks Hey you're sixteen take some time go to a movie chill out here's Donny in Dallas not in Dallas great to have you on the eve I be network rush in Florida hello Sir Hey Russia thinks they can I call you back you know up until this morning I was thinking I wanted to send it to make a big long drag out drug out trial and you you know get button up there and hunter and all that and point out the hypocrisy but you know after hearing that sound bite this morning of a bit of the bidens quid pro quo thanks to make me think that they should probably keep an employee go ahead and quit trump as fast as possible and get him into the general election and then bring all that out you know it can be a real quick campaign advertising or something like that and you show by the printer who truly is no wait I don't know why couldn't you do that in what you originally wanted which was a thorough and comprehensive trial why couldn't they include dividing been in that white why they have to go you'll get in get it and get out and then used by and I don't get the difference well if you think back to the twenty election primaries I think you had a theory that that Hillary wanted trump to win because she thought to be the debate so if you keep by an employee for now and then in the general you know you guarantee the presidency when you can your saying don't take Biden out by exposing his barbarism a chicanery right leave him in there well let me ask you this Donnie have you heard that jet that vice president bite me has pledged supporters are saying that he will only serve one term if you want what do you make of that Donnie but I would think it has to be something about invaders health condition but it but I don't know I don't know no no no bite me is admitting he's a stop gap to save the party from the radical leftist like crazy burning and down there and focus what he's also saying is you know what only serve one term and I won't even show up you can have somebody else actually president all live in the White House I get the perks but have somebody you want run the country yeah I mean I I can see that kinda like we we had we needed a jerk back to the right I mean maybe the times to start or no further to the right maybe it's time to deck it back closer to the metal that they're gonna do something because the pretty linear right now I know they're whackos and and they're and they're being dominated by their whackos well Bloomberg's in a race ostensibly to wrest control of it from the leftists and Biden is essentially saying that the that that's the role that he will play well the the the supposedly attraction of saying you'll only serve one term is that every saying you know well be genuine none of what you would do is gonna be geared to re election or fund raising you're going to be able to focus like a laser on your right gender and you won't care because you're not running for reelection but that's in your dreams the way it's actually seen somebody what actually win with that pledge they're a lame duck from the minute they are inaugurated meaning they're not taken seriously and just as the one term guys as I can go pedal to the metal on my agenda so everybody else can go pedal to the metal on white but him out when you're dealing with somebody who is already pledging not to run again so half your battles already want you motivate meet the guy before even takes office I don't even think somebody literally honestly making that pledge would win even in these partisan times I I I don't think that's what voters are looking for not looking for stop gaps we're not I know we're not looking for stop gap we've had it will stop gaps stopgap seven stop the moving gaps or anything else quick time out back with more after.

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