House Judiciary Committee, Adam Schiff, Fox News discussed on Michael Medved


Ramping up pressure for the Muller report. I'm Carmen Roberts. Fox news. The Democrats deadline for the attorney general to hand over the mullahs report past hours ago, we're not going to allow this attorney general had backed by the president to oppose the affection case to bury Muller's report and findings democratic congressman Adam Schiff. So today, the House Judiciary committee is expected to vote to subpoena. The full unredacted report Republican congressman Jim Jordan tells Fox News Democrats are being reckless the chairman of the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, saying go ahead and make that make public classified information. And then you have the chairman of the judiciary committee, saying go ahead and make public grand jury material. Now, that's scary. Attorney general William bars pledged to make a redacted copy of the report public by mid April or sooner homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen heads to the border with Mexico today to get a look at what she acquaints to a major hurricane. You tells Fox News. A massive cat five hurricane disaster. We are bringing all of the inner agency together we're asking everybody to chip in. We need to have soared surge down many resources we kind of the border, but congress needs to look at this is a hurricane to president. Trump says he's ready to close the border. If necessary a funeral is planned today for the university of South Carolina student murdered after getting into a car. She thought was her Uber. The father of Samantha Joseph son spoken her vigil yesterday that something good out or something back. Screw that. I I don't want to be here. I don't wanna go through this Samantha's murder prompting South Carolina lawmaker is to put forward a Bill requiring ride share drivers to have illuminated signs on their car debate on that measure is expected to begin today. And Dow futures down one hundred nineteen points at this hour..

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