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News talk eleven thirty W. I S N presents. Conservative thought not just talk. This is the Dan O'Donnell show. Friday morning. It's not Dan O'Donnell is basking in the relative warmth of Florida. Jerry bought here in less, frigid Wisconsin subbing for for Dan. He's off on a few days of vacation with his family. I think is mom lives down in Florida. Always always running down there to go visit her but welcome to the program. Lots of stuff to do on the show today. Lots of things to get to to comment upon including the status of the Foxconn development down in Racine county. I think I've got a pretty good line of what's really going on. Also wanna talk about Liz warns unconstitutional wealth tax concept, and and really what's up there. In terms of why she's spewing this nonsense. And I think that the the extreme left's ghoulish suggestions on the expansion of abortion timelines has the opportunity or the possibility to actually change public opinion against abortion on demand. And I'll I'll get into that as well. By the way, your phone calls are always welcome. Here. We keep the phone lines open during the show front to back. So the accurate mortgage talk and text line is four one four one four seven nine nine eleven thirty call that anytime if you have anything relevant to say with regard to what we're discussing on the program, and we're want to get to a little bit about how south-eastern Wisconsin reacted to all of the cold weather. I'm gonna do that momentarily before I do that though. I was watching a a panel discussion on the Fox News channel were there. Making reference to President Trump's statement that the negotiations going on in congress with. Regards to immigration reform and funding for the wall. And so on are a waste of time. What no kidding? Of course, their waste of time. If the objective is. Or the thought is that there's going to be some sort of reasonable exchange of ideas and concepts in order to achieve a compromise that both sides can live with that actually has some sort of positive effect with regard to the problem of of immigration or illegal immigration on the southern border. If that is your hope this is a complete waste of time. That's not going to happen. The Democrats are not going to give Donald Trump any sort of funding for a barrier. They're not going to do that. Because to do. So would give him a political win. And the objective of the democrat to this point is not to solve any sort of ongoing problem at the border. The objective of the democrat is to try to use this issue as best as frequently as they possibly can to offer political defeats for Donald Trump and for the Republican party in general. That's their main focus that's their main goal. Understand that embrace it because that is the context in which you should look at the stories about the dynamics of this alleged negotiation that is going on in congress. So what what what what Trump is saying is you'll any sort of deal that comes back to me that doesn't have funding for a wall is is, you know? Well, of course, of course, it is. And of course, you're not going to see any sort of compromise deal. That's going to have that funding there. Here's one of the things I think that the Trump administration. Is bundling a bit they keep on allowing the narrative to be that the wall is Trump's idea that that Donald Trump says that the wall is necessary. Well, that's true. To a certain extent. Donald Trump is saying that the wall is necessary. But why is he saying that? And it's the why he is saying that they get back to I think the more powerful approach to being able to get political pressure on the Democrats in public opinion swing against their posture of no money for a barrier. The reason Donald Trump is saying that a barrier is needed that it wall is needed is because the experts in border security, the US border patrol are the ones that are telling them that they need better barriers. The Trump administration needs to forward that thought they need to pull that out of their pocket. Every time that they start to talk about funding for a barrier. They need to say look it. We are taking the advice of the people that are on the front lines. That are fighting this battle every day. That's who we believe that is the the line of reasoning that we are following. We don't pretend to be absolute one hundred percent experts in border security, but these people are and they're saying they need they need a better barrier. Why don't we believe that? Why did the Democrats not believe the Democrats? The policies of the world are running around saying things like, wow, we'll we'll have drones, and we'll have better surveillance, and we'll we'll have more immigration courts and immigration judges. Well that doesn't solve the problem. The problem is that individuals who don't belong in this country are crossing the border undetected. That's the problem. And you want to make that process as difficult as possible. So you put up barriers to buy the border enforcement time to be able to get to the physical location of these illegal crossings. And to prevent them. Magnum is you're producing the program today. I said you a piece of audio tie from from Carla provost? This is not a household name. Carla provost is the head. She's the chief of the US border patrol, and she was talking recently, which is asked about well. Do you really need a barrier? Do you really need a wall? And here's a little snippet of what she said what a wall assist the men and women of your agency insecure on our southern border. Most certainly it already assist. My men and women we already have many miles over six hundred miles of barrier along the border. I have been in locations where there was no barrier. And then I was there when we put it up. It certainly helps it's not a be all end. All it's part of a system, we need the technology. We need that infrastructure that impede Anderson denial. We need the agents to be able to respond. Impedes and denial and they need agents to be able to respond when it becomes apparent that illegal crossings are happening in certain geographic locations. This is the woman who has devoted her life her entire career to border security. She's the one saying it, she's not a Republican. She's not a democrat. She is merely a law enforcement individual with a high degree of expertise with regard to what's affective in preventing illegal border crossings. The Trump administration needs to roll her out with some frequency saying, look, Nancy, Chucky other Democrats, Mr. Schiff, look here is the woman she's not a partisan. She's a cop here is the woman who says that this is the way to go. Why do you not believe her? The answer to that question is frankly, they probably in their hearts do believer. But they, but they can't surrender in their own minds. They can't surrender the political turf of giving President Trump something that he considers to be one of the major priorities of his administration, which is taking steps whether it's barriers or other things to prevent that leaky southern border from being the doorway to many social ills that are pouring into this country to that point. Let me make one other point before I move onto something else. If you're listening to Jay Webber show today, which was extr-. It's always good. It was extraordinarily good today. I thought he talked in the last hour the last half hour of the show or herself made reference to the to the fact that over two hundred and forty pounds of fete knol came was confiscated inside a load of some sort of like produce or something coming across the Mexican border mentioned exactly how is being trucked in or how he's being masked. But two hundred and forty pounds of fat. When you begin to realize the potency of this particular drug, by the way, this is a synth. I've got a little background in pharmacy and pharmacology not just from smoking dope in the seventies. But I actually a more formal education in this. Because I I worked in pharmacy for quite some time. Long ago, admittedly, but quite some time. When you realize that this is a synthetic opioid. So there's no growing season. You don't have to wait for the. For the poppies to bloom. You don't have to wait for any sort of organic process. This stuff can be manufactured and manufactured relatively quickly. Most of the fed and all that is in circulation illegally in the world is manufactured in China. Eighty percent of the hall that gets into the United States comes across the Mexican border. This CDC. Handed out some statistics for twenty sixteen you to know how many feting overdose deaths there were in the US in two thousand sixteen don't have the data yet for twenty seventeen or two thousand eighteen twenty sixteen th is the most recent data over eighteen thousand people oh deed, unfettered all in the United States in two thousand sixteen. I want to put this in perspective. What is your garden variety commercial airline crash? Kill. Hundred and fifty people so eighteen thousand people died of overdoses eighty percent of the federal gets in through the the leaky southern border. Is it fair to say then that eighty percent of the federal desks were likely due to fit and all that cross that Mexican border now would make sense, right? So that's about fourteen fifteen thousand deaths that's like a hundred airline crashes. If there were a hundred airline crashes in the US in two thousand sixteen do you think we do something about airline safety and air traffic control? Sure, why don't we do anything about this tragedy? That's coming across the border one milligram. That is one that thousands of one I can't even calculate this quickly enough. There's thirty grams in and out there sixteen ounces in a pound. It's four hundred eighty grams in a pound. In one milligram is enough. To get a buzz off this stuff. Am I doing this right is one pound equal to four hundred eighty thousand doses of this drug? By the way, how dangerous is this stuff? And how critical is it that we closed down our border. To be able to stop the flow of federal and other. Opioids this one's particularly dangerous. Here's what's going on. People dealing other illicit drugs in the us. Our lacing their other drugs with feting all in some cases. Mazing? Yell it in these places where where there's a great deal of of illicit pot sales, especially I'm told in situations where there is legalized recreational pot. The black market pot dealers are trying to offer a better buzz. If you will a better product aboard potent product by lacing their dope there marijuana with Fenton, all in all it takes is a little bit of miss dosage. Deterrent into an overdoses situation. Where people smoke a joint all of a sudden, you're into complete respiratory depression from an overdose of an opioid, and you die, by the way. I think given the fact that that there are some some there is some evidence that some marijuana being laced with other drugs. I think you're gonna be an idiot to smoke pot. These days, you don't know what you're getting you don't have no clue it's not back in the seventies. Where there's a budget. Ditch. We did you smoked a pound of. And maybe your eyes got bloodshot. That's not what's going on. Now. What's going on? Now is some serious serious stuff with regard to potential overdoses because the pot that's being purchased on the street. I always hundreds of times more potent than it was forty years ago. And Secondly, apparently now it's being laced with other drugs in one of the other drugs as federal law, which is an absolute scourge, the accurate mortgage talk and.

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