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Windshield of the play you're looking around going what the hell is going on here nervous today i was going to pull amac was eighth we have a couple of hot this book empty show up on the so i the door comes at i waited a few seconds and people are looking at all of a sudden i come out in the flight suit that was fantastic that was very cool down roots dave every woman made it on their jet with her husband or boyfriend or whatever it was hysterical and up upstanding there is getting other jet i'm say women no closed taken off until after the show doing it now said they made it with their husbands i thought you're gonna say for second they all wanted to make it with me let's face it that would be the fivestar highlight of the day they didn't verbalize epa we know that what you know they're thinking at one of those little bob wells they'd say our generalised negotiated round a of private jets out of the private exactly what's on this jet private jet what happens on the private jet staged on the hugh culverhouse the former owner of the tampa bay buccaneers he took like this i remember saying we'll bill perkins was going to be a rape perkins was my vince lombardi and free perkins was not anywhere here costa vince lombardi but he used to wear this orange jacket very heavy set let's just say wasn't exactly the most handsome of men okay and when he passed away there were stories about him when he was on his jet with a waitress from a the university club downtown that he had as his grandma and the pilots had to testify in the estate hearing about what went on and one of the pa let's sit well there were times when we saw so and so on her knees performing certain pleasure maneuvers i'd cleaning it up on hugh culverhouse and the mirror thought of that happening on a jet like that on a man who was not in any way shape or form an attractive a guy at all.

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