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Good afternoon. Sunny and warm. Nice way to start off the Labor Day weekend. There are rules and affect this weekend Police will be out enforcing them in full force. We have the details in a moment. First Check on traffic. Reno Grant in the W. Ay o d 24 hour Traffic center. North bound Turnpike. Coral Reef Pressure the off to the right shoulder under South Florida Expressway Crash three delays South bound on the church by for about a mile or more approaching, emerge on the U. S one in Florida City. Greedo brand news radio 6 10 Cody. Watching 16 Doppler radar, nice and quiet, but very warm 94 degrees in Davy and Western. It's also 94 in Hialeah at 201, Broward cops and Code enforcement will be watching this holiday weekend as you head out to the beach restaurants and backyard barbecues. Mayor Dale Holness is we've got to get used to wearing masks, social distancing and limiting our group sizes. Even if there's a corona virus vaccine By the end of the year, we'll go away tomorrow. Next week or next month. It's something that we're going to have to live with US humans for the foreseeable future. What we must do is find a way to manage it well. Broward Sheriff's Office deputies are prepared to assist and shutting down businesses and house parties if guidelines are not being followed, extra eyes and ears will be on land and sea in Miami Dade County for the Labor Day weekend. Expect a beefed up police President's Mayor Carlos Jimenez, who's adding extra officers in beach ambassadors to the streets and sand to ensure people are following all the new normal rules and regulations. INS we have finds Countywide failed to follow the new normal rules $100 for individuals, $500 for businesses and businesses that don't follow the rules will and can be shut down. He says. They're cracking down on violators because they don't want to see a spike in virus cases like they did after Memorial Day when hospitals were packed Wendi Grossman News radio 6 10 Coyote, Some stomachs are churning a dolphins training camp and Davey. The team has to be cut down to its 53 player roster by four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Coach Bryan Flores admits that's not easy to delicate situation. Absolutely. The guys are disappointed who argue, released trying not to tell them that their dreams were over. But I did tell them that hey, when one door closes normally another one opens up. He says some could return to the practice squad. Among the players being shopped around for a trade is backup quarterback Josh Rosen and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino near Hollywood has announced layoffs affecting 1527 workers as a result of the covert 19 pandemic. Many workers have been on indefinite leave since March. 20th. No While some employees were called backto work in June, recent spikes and the virus across the state and here in South Florida. Have limited the properties ability to fully resume full business operations. As a result, more than 1500 workers remain laid off. If things stay the same. A seminal notification said the layoffs could become permanent. Alleged fugitive Super Bowl sex traffickers never reportedly trying to sell a 17 year old for cash. Miami Dade State attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announcing the arrest of 28 year old Anthony Bernard Carter, who had been sought on an outstanding warrant for a slew of human trafficking charges, including transporting a victim under 18 into Florida and aggravated fleeing. Investigators say Carter took the team from Georgia to Miami Beach for the Super Bowl and tried to offer him up on an online escort. Service News is brought to you by the Perry Financial Group. Stop Gambling with your retirement funds. Wall Street lower today again. Dow Off 295 points 1%. 9 27,097 NASDAQ is down about 2.3% or 269 points S and P 500 down 51 points. It's 204 more news coming up to 30 Rush continues after we check whether next on news radio 6 10. I am like so tamal summer savings 0% interest up to 84 months..

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