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Where all the hipster stuff is. That'll be the twenty four th. It's a french film from the fifties. It's very funny. And then what else says. Oh who's line goes back on the road or who's live as you can see there's chef joel ryan and knee. September twenty nine where are we. North hampton no. Yeah i think we start in wait a minute. I'll look. I think we started hampton. Mass is our first gig to but it might somewhere else. Yeah the twenty. Nine through our north hampton mouse which is fantastic place. The whiskey rebellion took place there and It's very witchy it's like you could. If you celebrate betaine you could so have a great time in northampton. Masthead which trial stair. It's super lesbian. Which he there now. Which i really appreciate. Then we're going to pit pennsylvania new jersey new york back to boston maine of all places. We're doing the whole east coast. And then after we do the east coast we go to the midwest and then after the mid west back southern california and then arizona that's on and on and on and that's who's live dot com who's alive. See what we did. We change the name of the live shittu. Who's live anyway. So that's all going on all those things. Oh and nightmare before christmas. That's a i think ticketmaster and stuff like that bank of california stadium is in los angeles down near the university of southern california. It's across from. They built a stadium across from the los angeles coliseum. Which you see in loads of movies also where the nineteen thirty two olympics. It's not beautiful. Art deco stadium cross from that when we say stadia for the plural. There's the bank and that's where they play football here in. La i mean soccer in los angeles so a and that's the october twenty ninth and that's a full symphony orchestra danny open. Ob singing. jack's kellington. I'll be there doing my monster voices. I don't know caffeine canner there so don't hold me to that. Probably get announced coming up and then possibly halloween is well. My guess is will do halloween various. That's that's what i got going on. Maybe well very exciting. It's greg proops live performance purpose ons because coming back and coming back hot. That's amazing all of all listeners. Wait i'm writing all this down. I can't don't what are you doing writing anyway. And it's going to be in the show notes so you can just click on those links with your thumb or your mouse or your tongue. I mean it doesn't matter what censor accepts and it'll be. They're so awesome. Greg thank you one more time. It's been a pleasure and Yes looking forward to seeing you perform in phoenix. Thank you stefan and then seven. Thank you for having me on your show. Good lachey in your in your marriage and now bona fortuna as they say oh grad similar they. Thanks for having me on. It was great fun. And that's the episode. We reached the end. We went to the climax and now where the snow lax. Because we're about to snooze. But before you snooze. I hope you do go over and support greg. Give him a follow. Go see him live. Listen to the podcast all that. Good stuff kyw. Please do that for me. And then while you're at it before you hit the lights and go into your slumber. Follow me support me. Subscribe review follow me on instagram and comments. The m whatever you wanna do say hi and i'll say hi back see me live lives. Well j. gami club twenty six to twenty eight. That's this week y'all this week and come say hi after the show and trash and treasurer september eighth wednesday seven thirty pm link in the show notes for all of that good stuff so thank you guys so much. Big old gooch mooch bye-bye..

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