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Contagious virus. Variant was first detected late last night in the state of Florida comes as public health officials are already closely tracking this virus. It's spread in Colorado and California earlier this week after crossing the pond from Britain. Now Florida Public Health officials tweeted a 15 last night, saying Florida has evidence of the first identified case of the UK covert 19 variant in Martin County. The individuals and male in his twenties with no history of travel socks is Gillian Turner, the number of confirmed Cases off the virus has surpassed 20 million in the U. S. According to data from Johns Hopkins University. That's nearly twice as many as India, the number two country and nearly one quarter of the more than 83 billion cases globally. A Wisconsin pharmacist is now charged after authorities say he did literally spoiled more than 500. Doses of Corona virus vaccine Recent draft him in suburban Milwaukee and federal investigators say a former pharmacist in Aurora Medical Center admits to deliberately removing 57 vials equally in over 500 doses of the Corona virus vaccine from a refrigeration unit last week. Spoiling the vaccine. There is no evidence to suggest that this individual tampered with any other vaccine. This individual is no longer employed by us. Aurora's Dr Jeff Barr says Almost 60 doses were given to patients, which were later deemed less effective. The employees now charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety, adulterating the prescription drug and criminal damage to property. Jeff Mon. Also Fox News in America is listening to Fox News.

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