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Redemption from a former illinois governor who sitting behind bars rod blagojevich is asking the high court to throw out his conviction on corruption georges filing friday his attorneys argued that it's a blurry line between legal and illegal fundraising and the blue goya bitch did explicitly the the campaign contributions in exchange for any official act among other things blagojevich was convicted of trying to trade at a point but to the us senate seat vacated by barack obama for campaign cash he is five years into a 14year sentence the longest ever imposed on them illinois politician for corrup should the justices declined to to hear a similar appeal from blagojevich last year jack callahan fox news as president trump heads overseas to focus on asiapacific politics the russia investigation will continue in earnest frankly people close to the president thick it's a whole lot of nothing yet it's very serious charges for for paul manafort and others it suggests that they have a long road ahead to deal with that but there is not a shred of evidence or a hint of a suggestion within the manafort indictment the donald trump did anything wrong as president or as a candidate fox's add henry in a tweet moments ago the president focused on the latest jobs number saying since taking office a million and a half new jobs have been created from the west coast to the great lakes snowflakes or in the air as the season's first real bout of winter weather moves through the worst of that as we continue on through the weekend it is going to be taking place into the pacific northwest mainly that's snow should be lingering offer tapering off there in the upper mid west and we had a little farther west and we could we talking about widespread three to six inches of snow here fox meteorologist adam clots in the south above average temperatures will continue tampa who sale fox news radio we the.

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