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JJ watch six you forgot that each Emmanuel had an eighty yard touchdown after that play Getty yeah I'm sure you're not making that I know trying to remember who the guy is that was on the call is that the for Kevin's Lockhart now it's not Cattelan it sounds like a fox guy Thom Brennaman up that I think is Tom brown of the good some run amok you next time reading I don't think it's played again what it was it was a CBS brought okay yes let's not Cattelan is not Harlan Texas who is the it was a dark moment it links interactive race would have been Spiro DDS was yes that that is that is that thank you that is the office for sure I was just pulling up a list of announces because I knew when we saw names that would come to us so all right let's get the latest on our headlines here according to Tom bell a seraph manifold network use reporting two things of interest to bill's fans one Cleveland has asked for permission to interview Brian double for the head coaching job although I sell mentioned right the bills actually he said like they don't have to give permission he can interview for the job since it's Fred coaching job also leave by Wallace according to Palestinians report has a sprained ankle just a sprained ankle could've been a lot worse he is listed as day to day other bills did not give any update on the injuries yesterday shaman term it said that if they have any new news to report all see if anything comes out today when they go in practice this bills playoff update brought to you by MT bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills the bills are in the playoffs buffalo celebrate with the bills debit card from M. and T. bank the giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett met yesterday they're gonna meet again today no news on what's coming out of of Dallas at this point with Garrett's futures contract is up after well it now I guess Washington working to hire former Panthers coach Ron Rivera separate by Tampa tonight seven o'clock we'll have the game here on WGR excuse me beginning with Paul William bells pregame show at six the Sabres have signed forward Dalton Smith to an NHL contract for the rest of the season he was playing in Rochester on an A. H. L. contract Jack Eichel's been named to his third straight all star game and if you have tickets for the Sabres Panthers game Saturday they moved it to one o'clock so you can catch that game and still catch those playoff game at four thirty the U. S. B. the Czech Republic and the world juniors they advance to the quarterfinals US does you B. B. Banda Conesus lost the pit in college hoops last night those are your headlines the next update coming up at eight o'clock you were out last week I was Nate was here on Thursday we were kind of doing some season of your stuff favorite game favorite moment from this year either both topics favorite game favorite moment me pull up this very signature game though and when you look back I mean if you look back at twenty nineteen it'll be about yes they made the playoffs it'll be the got flex the Sunday night football it'll be okay they played on thanksgiving and put on a show all right best moment of the season had a Saturday prime a Saturday national TV game against New England now yeah it's looking throws around the prime time rivals wins calorieking yeah I mean I guess the the two moments of the season the Josh Allen quarterback sneaks where you get stopped and soil gets it Dallas N. New England maybe knowing going yes okay Dallas in New England that really impressed really cool he did it again yeah so the M. Odyssey of might have in the Dallas fort down against Dallas where he gets stopped and still get said Mr awesome moment and then they pulled up the trick play on the very next play those next last about okay the fourth them yeah I might go with that as the as the best player this season here's a tough one for you what's the best defensive player of the season because the defense did not score right the whole year did not get a defensive touchdown the whole year can I can I call many plays into this the the goal line stand a play goal I greatly Cleveland yeah that's probably the most of the rest of the best defensive moment the gas lines there is little doubt that Michael tray white speak against fits against Miami two yeah I mean I was a that was like difficult play they didn't want to find out which one defensive touchdown I mean Mike a height had the special teams touched yeah right there at the on the on site K. yeah yeah okay I thought somebody ran one back at some point okay you know what I don't have anything think of one like game changing play I mean the the goal line stands are phenomenal but you end up losing that game you do right so I'm trying to think of was there a significant defense a moment in Pittsburgh I mean they had a ton of interceptions that's not one moment I bring I might have to go with yours I can't think of a like a key a key fourth down stop something in the bills or one of six teams this year not scored offensive touchdown okay at that that's one of the also not scoring an offensive touchdown the Packers or the to see the NFC Washington Cincinnati Arizona and the Chargers defense a moment in the Dallas game if if the Dallas game is one of the if not the biggest I think it's the biggest win of the year even though they clinched in in Pittsburgh Dallas was the stars only to allay interception the at Oliver at a couple of nice Saks one of them third I think there was a strip sack I don't know if it was all over who it was a couple of them yeah I think I went to pick against Pittsburgh yeah this is a very big hit two of them that came yeah I guess I don't have really a leading candidate from that in that category there was nothing that really gets the Golan stamina I had to pick something where they Lawson and finally special teams player of the year well of course now we're gonna need more time I'm I'm gonna have to she's gonna have to be a bigger segment Michael hide yeah I guess that are freaking out about Steven Hauschka at some point during the season who by the way if you look at his numbers so I was thinking about this because he had a couple of vehicles the other day in the the the finality against the jets yeah and you know playoff games can be really tight games could come down to a kicker ask the bears and anyway so how should go if you look at his numbers we went through a stretch roused was you know we struck when they had a bad day in Cleveland for one he did fine it's it's distance really if you look at his vehicle break down under fifty yards anything under fifty yards he is twenty one of twenty three which is very good it's ninety one percent so sub fifty he's fine it's the it's the distance there's no distance in his game anymore he ends up going one of five this season on the tense of fifty or longer so that's terrible obviously twenty percent a did miss I think a couple extra points but for the most part he's been okay with P. eighties it's just he's still reliable sub fifty which is good going into the playoffs it's just you in all the bills have gotten to the point it's funny at some point during the season after one of the game's McDermott said something about the target line was fifty three yards for house I think it's dropped I I think how should go beyond fifty is very risky now under it he's still a lock you still house money but fifty and beyond I think the bills of of you've seen them be a little bit more aggressive on offense when they get to around the thirty five thirty four you know if they're in that area and in in Saturday's game against Houston it'll be interesting to see what shama Dermot does and what he thinks is how she does range granted weather won't be a problem I assumed either really be nice in the double be open or if it's not a nice day the dog will be closed and used as you know they open that I feel like it's always close it's never opened I don't know I know I think it's been closed for super bowls but it's it's Houston like our village it's always close okay then it's retractable isn't it it is so why don't the open the stupid thing anyway so whatever than the dome is closed and and you don't have to worry about about whether with house guests so he's he's got he's still good under fifty very reliable at that point we should asked cell energy stadium is the only rodeo and NFL indoor outdoor retractable roof stadium rodeo stadium to don't forget about that the road is there the rodeos have to figure out whether the dome is rich with the with the don't be closed or open to they figure that out for rodeos too okay the Texans are required to follow policies it can only be closed during the during the game of rain or other weather conditions develop so I guess it does it is open sometimes I've for some reason whenever they play there I just never even think of it being open what was the on was a ladder no work right was it was it last year Swizz leisure Superbowl in Atlanta patch patch rep right when they played the clip of Bella check talking a referee before the game about when the roof is going to close and he's like freaking out about whether closing it right before the opening kickoff and is at whatever he's worried about wind and what was going on with the roof before the game anyway we're talking does Texans with you today eight oh three oh five fifty to join us off a long five fifty two five fifty I mean you if you want you can come in I'm not gonna stop I'm good you're all right although you're gonna probably want to come in and talk about hell Dalton Smith really let Tampa know what's up what's up right yeah I don't think that's going to happen I is going to be a fight tonight I mean I suppose I don't as it'll be pretty funny if he has a he has like the Bernier game shows up and scores two goals maybe he's there is not here for goal scorer has not big the big kind of ironic would it be right Michigan head of the flavors I got here some winters chords first winner was upset yesterday at the this guy getting signed not because you know good for him he gets to play in the NHL but he sighs savers are apparently preparing to send a message to notorious Bali alone Tampa Bay the you see those roles rough and tumble lightning to see dolls for his comments about the call up now is it I was shocked look yet I mean of course there would be you wouldn't think like the Sabres are gonna call you up at any point this season yeah the lightning are known for its brutality punching people yeah so that'll be fun tonight yeah Hey let them score a goal maybe he's an answer to their goal scoring wells and you can help their five on five good luck with that by the way good luck but then and then you could put him on like the number two power play because you know that they need the power play to get going it's offered last ten anyway gravel line join us ito three oh five fifty a pulse coming up at eight thirty we'll talk more about the Sabres and their game tonight against Tampa Bay Lightning and since we have no show tomorrow Ralph Krueger savers a coach will be joining us this morning and he'll be with us around nine o'clock so stay tuned for that on WGR as watch the games tonight and talk about it tomorrow.

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