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More quickly to protect the show box for. Two years while they work on a. Permanent ordinance, and look, at other requests to expand the historic district developer Onny group, says it will request landmark status for the show box on he hasn't answered our request for comment Brian. Harris KOMO news Washington voters will decide which candidates advanced to the November ballot It in ten congressional races a, US Senate seat, in dozens of legislative contests in the state's primary election match that is getting the most attention in Tuesday's election is the. Open eighth congressional, district to replace Republican u s Representative Dave Reichert who's retiring. After more than a decade there are also one hundred and twenty three legislative races on the ballot number of mutilated cats in a west Olympia neighborhood has now grown to eight komo's Keith Eldridge says the cat's owners are heartbroken and worried the killer might escalate to attacking people. Was the seventh of eight cats taken. In this, fashion by, police are calling us serial killer this really kind of terrifying He played the cat out for display so that we could be shocked Harley didn't show up at the front door for breakfast Kathy Harragan knew something. Was wrong then the police came and deliver the awful news of. What had happened let's completely sick it's unfathomable I can't get my. Mind around it just really sad the same, thing happened to Patrick swans cat Kelly last July fourth he believes tufts of hair across the street at cater what's park belong to his pet but no blood is just really disturbing to find all. These cats person gets cotton whatever the long needs. To do they need to do all is another the cats found the. Animal services investigators says both Holly and. Harley may have put up a fight and. DNA from under their claws are being sent to the crime lab a big concern is. That this person will move to human targets there's a direct link between animal cruelty and cruelty to. One another humans wise and Number, of criminals over the years have. Started with animals graduated further no suspects yet but there is a three thousand dollar reward gave Eldridge KOMO news KOMO news time. Seven ten all right now in. Arlington Seattle three the Texas Rangers won in the bottom of the seventh. Komo's Bill Schwartz. Says more. Sports including a popular member of the. Legion of boom. Showing up at Seahawks camp he was calling it. Quits due to. A neck injury the Seahawks meantime big cheers this morning from the twelve hundred v Mak. Safety Kam chancellor showed up to watch his former teammates working out the pro bowler. Announced this spring that he was, calling it quits due to a neck. Injury the Seahawks meantime move closer towards Thursday's home preseason game against the colts today they resigned tight end Giron ham and defensive tackle Joey Ivy to the ninety man roster. The Washington husky football team held camp practice number four at montlake. The dogs will mingle with their fans Saturday afternoon husky picture day at the stadium Another reason to watch the Tacoma. Rainiers baseball team at Cheney stadium the next couple of nights Robinson Cano has a rehab assignment they all star second baseman cannot join the Mariners until August. Fourteenth when he, serves out his eighty day major league suspension.

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