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Thank you so much. Thanks, Steve Privilege. We appreciate the time Happy Thanksgiving to you and to you. Well, you heard the good doctors say what His plans are for Thanksgiving, and he's gonna be working in the ER. What about you? Are you working? Or maybe you're thinking about gathering with other people in a very different year. We asked, And we got a lot of responses. And I'm joined now by our managing producer, Christian board all Hey, Christian. Hey, that Steve and you followed up with a few of the folks who did respond to us about what VOCs are doing for Thanksgiving. I did, and I have to say I feel so thankful. I ended up having these great conversations with three really Interesting women living in different parts of L. A. Hannibal Nagy is a chef. She's a single mom with a 10 year old boy. She's originally from Amarillo, Texas. She has three sisters all living in L. A so everyone could normally get together on Thanksgiving at one of the sisters houses, but not this year. Like every single holiday this year birthdays in all the major holidays and stuff. We just basically do zoom dinner parties. So for Thanksgiving. What we're doing is we're just like Each of us are making like our family recipes, but in everybody, and they kind of doing like a door drop to trade him off. Yes. Oh, she's a chef. So I asked her what she's making. I can get a menu. Uh, well, I'm making for everybody isn't doing lobster disc and believe me baked brie side of range Turkey. Mashed potatoes with whiskey, Jim what gravy and then something special cream puffs. Oh, man, I want to go to her place for Thanksgiving, Right? Yes, Me too. And my sisters are doing like the like leaving a cheesy rice casserole that our mom used to make us and we were all kind of crazy. I thought Comfort childhood dishes, So they're all making goes and our mom's been getting very pissed. Getting emails everybody asking for those recipes because she's mad that we're not coming to see them. But, yeah, They were considering going to Amarillo to spend Thanksgiving with their parents. But my hometown is definitely a Hossam. Like what? They were in the news that Coronaviruses going up. Children are getting sick and had a kindergartner diet couple weeks ago, so it's like sorry we thought about it. We can't Yeah, she says. There's a pretty different attitude to the pandemic in Amarillo. So it's going to be her and her son for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, But she's doing her best to plan some nice stuff for them. Yeah, find a way to make the best of it, regardless of what's going on. Obviously, some bad things going on. Yeah, that's that's kind of a theme going on here. Pan. Luis Nunez lives in Torrance with her husband. She's a therapist. She monitors people's mental health and substance abuse treatment for an insurance company. And this year she and her husband having a very different Thanksgiving than they usually do. I love Thanksgiving. It's actually one of my favorite holidays. And I mean for me, it really means getting together with family and having fun. Um, and my husband's really big Argentinean family. They're just very loud and fun and happy, and we have a really super fun time. So it's on the one hand disappointing, But on the other hand, I think We're creating something different and special and so for me, I just feel like what's a few more months of staying home and being careful. I think it's just worth it. But unlike Hannah, the chef we just heard from Pam and husband won't be doing much cooking. We actually ordered food because we've never had to make Thanksgiving before, so we ordered it. And, Yeah, we started looking it up and we were like, we're completely not equipped to make dinner. So we ordered it which I'm sure a lot of people do as well, Christian. I mean, you mentioned that she's a therapist. I bet the pandemic has been keeping her really busy, right? It really has. My work has increased significantly. There are astronomical rates of people seeking substance abuse, treatment and mental health treatment. Previously, I would probably talk to somebody who was feeling suicidal. And honestly, not very often, maybe once a month, and now it's happening several times per week. I'm having to call 911 frequently and that, as you might imagine, Starts taking its toll. It's been very stressful, but I just have to really practice more self care. And we had decided early a couple months ago to adopt two dogs that keep me company and at home, and I take breaks and take them for a little walks. And so I've just had to really practice the coping skills that I know is a therapist. That helped me stay sane Right now. I love that She's adopted a couple of dogs and that they're keeping her company and helping her. And I'll deal with the stress and deal with the I mean just how bad it is and and enjoy the holidays at some level. Yeah, absolutely. And, coincidentally, she's not the only person dealing with a covert stressful job. Michelle someone who prefers to use just a first name because she's a social worker who sometimes works in jails and an emergency room at the hospital. She's married with kids. She lives in the San Gabriel Valley. And normally, she says they would be seeing her and her husband's families for Thanksgiving. There will normally be a very large event with my husband's family in a smaller event, but still an event with multiple individuals up at my parents home, which is about an hour away, eh? So we try to do both. Um, and for the time being, it does seem like both events are kind of Going on as normal going on his normal, which I'm sure a lot of folks are trying to do so. So both her family and her in laws will beginning together as usual for Big Thanksgiving celebrations. Right, And she's not comfortable with that. But she has found a creative way to get out of joining them without offending anyone. She's signed on to work the Thanksgiving Day shift at the hospital. In light of the pandemic this year, I You know, I really wanted an opportunity. Not only Tonto, help the medical teams that I work with and really help support them..

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