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You were named as an alternate to the Pro Bowl. There's a possibility you might play. What's it mean to you? And your first year to have your peers, do that was pretty cool. Came out in the season. Trying to start off the rock in just getting back to myself for like having the periods and everybody vote me to be an alternate is pretty cool because I know. The season started. And it hasn't been easy. So that's pretty cool. Is that something you kind of put up on your goals list to say, I wanna be I wanna be in the Pro Bowl. I wanna play with those guys. Yeah. Definitely want to be on the first ballot next time. But I mean, today's the blessing to be even even mentioned in the conversation so trying to take. As as motivation next year. I want to be an air some go out there, and and train this whole also. China. To talk about the feeling this week in practice. You guys still have two games. It's an opportunity for you guys to play the game that you love. But you know, it's only going to be two games. I'm sure there's a sense of a little bit of disappointment for the season. But you still got some work. Bittersweet give come to work every day happy. But does does stink not knowing that at the next two games? We gotta wait till next year to get back on the field. So that's why I say the sweet, but. These two Evertonians and take advantage of for next year. You know, this a little bit from college. But it certainly is this way in the pros after this season. This the look of this team is going to change and that happens with with any TV even a team that goes to the Super Bowl things change up on the roster. Do you realize that the veterans talk to you about that that you enjoy the guys that you're with right now? Guys. Like, you say I won't be here next year. So trying to stay as close as in contact with him as I can now when the opportunity comes in the league is going to be sad and then data doing what's best for them. And..

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