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I'm Vicki Barker in Paris as donations pour in from around the world, the deputy mayor of Paris says no predom- cathedral will be rebuilt for the world. Does not only the soul of Larisa FRANZ is part of the hearts of mine kind. Tha that's why we're going to rebuild it. And it seems the world is being drawn to central Paris to see what yesterday's devastating fire did to nine centuries of French history. CBS's Elaine Cobb is there thousands of Parisians and visitors have been longing. The bridges and the keys around Nutley dumb. Unable to believe that the spire is really gone that this very important part of their beloved city has been so badly damaged. French officials say the two ancient bell towers at the main body of the cathedral appear sound and smoke damage. Paintings are being taken to the Louvre museum for restoration. The cause of the fire is still unknown. But French police are interviewing workers who were renovating the roof where it's believed the fire broke out. I'm Vicki Barker in Paris now with more CBS news, here's Steve Kathan. Redacted Muller report will be out Thursday has President Trump's legal team working overtime CBS's. Paula reed. The president's attorneys are not waiting until Thursday reg- Alani, tell CBS news that he's working on a counter report that he plans to release after this redacted Muller. Material comes out the president's legal team is quote confident that any politically damaging evidence that comes out can be deflected. Book sales in royalties helped propel Bernie Sanders into the top one percent of earners. He's released ten years of tax returns. And again challenged President Trump to release his university of Virginia political scientist, Larry saboteurs, puts Trump back in the spotlight and a bad spotlight. Trump is the only president Cincinnati and seventies who hasn't willingly disclosed his tax the house committee. Has given the IRS till next week to turn them over in Louisiana WWL radio's Dave Cohen has details on a major rape case. That's unfolding after getting a tip earlier this month, they opened the investigation into Harry Joseph fountain. Seventy one year old man from Pineville, Louisiana. They've now charged him with one hundred counts of rape police say the crimes began in the nineteen seventies and continued into the nineteen eighty a moment on morning television. Today show co anchor Hoda copy describing the moment she was given her newly adopted daughter just recently hope Catherine joined sister Hayley joy adopted two years ago. Wall Street right now, the Dow is up twenty two this is CBS news capitol one is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a?.

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