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At any? Kind, of ranking drafting really no practice I it's it's a bunch of so, you're gonna you're gonna come on We're looking at stuff that means. Nothing for. A month notice you love baseball, too much it has nothing to do with, because you are such. A. Baseball fan I. Am on the scale, of one ten. Where. Do you li- as a baseball fan scaled. One, to ten six, you do not that is a lie ladies and gentlemen absolutely I wish. I had a buzzer right here Iran maybe buzzer dude no way why you don't have, a buzzer buttons to get a buzzer, this, is this is this goes back to you. Telling people how they should feel dude you are a. Massive baseball fan? Skill ten I cannot wait according to, you for me I am all about fantasy football and I can't wait what are you gonna do you're gonna so so. Yes drafts I can't do anything what I want to get. Ready ready for what I, want to get ready for the season I wanna know what, who I'm. Gonna, drafting, in whatever round I'm, ready to your. Sleeper picks five minutes I'm so tired. As you started talking the, words fantasy football You would think you just said two. Cups, of coffee of. Something that doesn't happen for a, month I I really plan. To get into bed get comfortable? And, go through. Like a mock draft like I was ready to go so, you're gonna fake picking players yeah that's. Right then realize you don't get, those players while, we don't know but I'm trying to plan it out like if I get the ten the six. Acre I'm just saying yesterday, was just an incredible day with the Elvis Duran morning show in case you missed. It we had three celebs stopped? By, shell it. Was so much fun here now we more fun for the, audience I would think right Garrett it. Wasn't really much more wasn't much, fun for me Would you agree yeah go ahead. Because yesterday we had the host of. The show hot ones here. In studio with us and Elvis was going to say Hot wings and with the hot sauce while, being interviewed well to YouTube show called first. We feast I, and it's called hot ones where there's. About ten chicken wings, that the host Shaun Evans Sean the less guest. He had was, wiz, Khalifa they sit down they. Just talk like, a? Normal conversation but each each, question you eat a hot wing that's progressively, gets hotter Sean Evans says okay let's. Go eat that, one then this one right it starts out, with, one but. Now on these interviews, that he does there's like. Ten or twelve chicken wings so by tiny the twelve just ramping up just said that yes I. Know but for me, yesterday that's not how it was so, Elvis throws a curve in the interview. And calls for great team to come, into the studio so I come in I'm, talking. About myself in third person.

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