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The one you describe for patients with burns a four pandemic influenza for other kinds of outbreaks through isn't necessarily a commercial market for those products dr tom ingles be of johns hopkins so companies faced very difficult challenge planning a lot of uncertainty if the government can provide more clarity both in the early phases in the research and the development phase and then potentially in the acquisition phase if that's the role for the government for a particular product companies can then plan can decide to make investments in his face as opposed to other commercially commercially valuable up tunisia they might pursue otherwise so i think it's gonna continue to be very important role for the government the play for products that we want that aren't otherwise produced by the commercial markets i would certainly echo that that comment from dr ingles be it is the mechanism that needs to exists to have companies innovative companies like the one you mention and others that are members of the alliance for biosecurity and and more broadly bio to be able to continue innovating in the space there needs to be sustainable funding in the space around mcgregor i'm and i would make jews to add is it's interesting to hear from a number of colleagues in the space that when you look at institutional investors in the like where there used to be more of an attraction for them when the funding was more certain that attraction is gone away and little to no value is placed on mcm work in the current context because of a because of the lack of sustainable funding the cassidy you gentleman i enjoyed your testimony all of you a couple of things on enjoyed it so much because you agree with me uh perhaps you one of you spoke of correct perhaps the need to have professionals healthcare professionals to be able to go across winds and have liability projection i a practising position when katrina there was north of pod at the new orleans airport the female people would not allow him to set somebody broken bones because he was from out of.

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