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And Michael Riedel in the morning on seven ten. Got to get rid of those plastic bags governor says fire mentally now. Get stuck in the craw the whales out there in the in the ocean as they do so, but we got to find out what New Yorkers think about no more plastic bags. So we says going to be putting it in the budget. So the last time what he did last time around was had to go through the legislature Cuomo. But this time he put it in the budget. So if they vote for the budget, it goes into law there, you go very clever. All right. Well, let's check in with w ours. Alice Stockton Rossini our own bag lady out there on the on the street. She's she's going to check in with the New Yorkers as soon as we liner. She's there now. Great alice. Good morning to you. How you guys doing good house now better the Iran? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good morning. And I've been out talking to people about bags, and, you know, generally, speaking great idea, but there are a couple of problems here. First of all the proliferation of plastic bags. I'm all for it. If it saves the world's values, the tote bags so you can buy sell for ninety nine cents because once I got the plastic bags and up was having the use them. So like a recycle them in some fashion, and that ends up just being a dog poop bag or about to put recyclables in downstairs.

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