Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, Chief Meteorologist discussed on Sean Hannity


Bridge or the Courtney Campbell causeway if you're heading into Tampa after this time also watch for slow ride northbound on I. seventy five between the summit crosstown expressway and state road sixty page Carrera newsradio WFLA warm and humid this evening a few clouds around also the possibility of a lingering shower thunderstorm in the early evening temperatures low eighties seventy four to start the day on Wednesday morning eighty six for a high additional atmospheric moisture a few more clouds and possibly early starting showers sixty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day same story for Thursday with additional atmospheric moisture we're looking for higher rain chances eighty four for a high forty percent rain chance Friday eighty nine wins a beyond the east southeast ten to twenty knots sees two to three a moderate chop on bay waters I'm just generally chief meteorologist Steve jury your listing news radio WFLA canalis news radio WFLA ninety four point five FM and if you last night's victims an NYPD officer who police say was targeted in a hit and run he's in a serious but stable condition and in buffalo a suspect is in custody this morning after a police.

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