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Dogs can go a decent amount without the food, but the water is. Keep. Them immersed you. Days of that hunt with it was really hot some and then the last day the weather set in, it just was raining. We will go to. We woke up to snow and we're linking Hobie, maybe should pack it in. There's people everywhere were not like there's no water people everywhere and let's go get her kids. Actually get out early meant to the hot springs, so that was a nice little. You. Know. We should. So you're you're Walton hunting stuff. Yeah, so were you guys like in the back country? Come stuff to yeah. At, my husband has a revolt. So that's so. He went on a boat and we set up on an island. That was my first year that I think I. Went Hunting. Islands on the peace instead of the Walton for three or four days We didn't get anything that Shit, but that was my. That was my first experience with hunting. It was awesome on us of really good trip. Decent weather, we camped. We had fun We also have like some bear issues that trip. It was maybe my only thing, but have you heard of bear letter, a distress call like baby bear letter to detail that is like the most verifying. Thanks Very Long. Yeah, so we were sitting camper like my first night, my first hunting trip out, and we listen to I. Swear I'm sure it was far away, but you've never seen. Two people run so passing, trying to get back to. Get. UP WE'RE UP IN NORTHERN BC I was with a actually Tony and actually talked about this on that episode is he sleeps with flipping earplugs in yeah. Keep your legs in. He's like so I can't hear anything outside the tent a bear. I guess I all sleep, but I'm the. Ignorance is bliss gasoline Muslim. Folks is heading the ten. I guess we don't have to worry how. You can hear the news outside the. That's a good thing. Now you're lucky, be having. I know. No honestly I've been up in the northern parts of BC. In a different areas so altogether seven years. I've seen one. Yeah, and he was running away from us because he always us yet like it wasn't like any he was. He was a good five hundred yards, going the other direction kind of thing. And, you know I've walked on top of fresh crews attracts didn't even see the grizzly right now. Because the grizzly population's growing and now you can't really awesome here. This is I. Noli Yeah. Thing is like eight minutes always. Unawareness for sure it won't prevent me from going back now. No, but I mean like I usually like i. don't ever sleep beside a loaded gun now, but I have my beside me in the tent. Should something occur Celtic? If I'm texting like if I'm on holiday trailer, I don't worry about it, but like if I'm out spike camping. Yeah, so lower with a friend. Yeah, I have like my protection exchange for sheriff, but you know I could probably ramble on about the non grizzly hunting. Probably get into the. Our. Anything but. You know it's it's unfortunate, but it's I'm hoping it's one of those things where science aways emotion and the bring. The BC evolved by federation everything back into it. Actually, this needs to be managed because the ups GonNa. Go Down News. Like the needs to be managed, that's also why work here hunting. Grizzlies Ellen, withdraw integrates. It wasn't situation wasn't like people were just going out and slaughtering them like it wasn't Eliot draw anyway. Lots of people that got the draw out and still didn't get one concern rate and throw it. In my opinion needed to be a little bit more matched rather than completely discontinued, but like I said. Let's. Let's talk this year two thousand twenty hunting. What's what are you on our own husband's convincing me? GonNa sheep onto so. Regretted I know. so I had my left knee surgery. It's sits feeling good so I. Think I finally. I think I'll be okay to go out to the beaten hills. I know so. We're going by river boat, so we're not going to go. But if you're going to go up to the sheet, get up to hike. For sure I know yeah, but we'll see. Stories scared, but I guess. You know it is daunting like you know you get those mountains and you do realize. You are the guests know that environment, but there's something so freeing about that though I. Don't have. Don't you don't ever deter you. Wake up, got breakfast. You look for sheep. Don't find cheap oil now, but like you get to explore places that you may never would have like it's just. Gorgeous you will never regret sheep onto doubt even if you don't ever shoot a sheep in here. Never. Reject going still lucky that we can drive you hours and there. She is backyard. Loud Yup Yup. and. You got anything other big plans. Going on nothing big local stuff. Moguls of yet will vote for again this year. I'm pretty big on only harvesting when I'll eat an I mean. Are we eat mostly elk so? I'm not a big year eater I. Before, we ever yeah. Yeah. I I grew up hunters. We have like me coolers in the garage. We don't behind known. Also. Crossbow yeah, because like all through came across a crossbow cable. November view meal there, yes, or pepperoni jerk. Like it, but it's like I. Don't know I guess I. Haven't I haven't tried it in a long time. Tail until. An elk every year. Right See K. if you bow hunt. Yes, you can shoot a meal deer in September. Yes, here and I will tell you what the first time, so I shot a mule deer Bo timber. Out there. To be honest with you amplats own tender yet fat on 'em. Man It was just like hunt with a spoon. Yeah. Oh God. Yeah, it'll because not all stinky you. Almost needs so. Reagan rose meet. Will calebs gotten a a moose almost not this year, but pretty close every year in August when it's open, then they're all legal and. Those young are so immature, said the so many. And for so many people are like I. Hate Me and I'm sitting there and they come for dinner and I'm like. What about you? What what's going to your plans route I? Think classroom is hard to. It's going to be hard to talk for me because I. Finally got enough last year as well yourself roots hands I. was with all four. Family was there. And like it was just an amazing. The kids were there. We bugle in elk across the river like to write to me. Just to experts say yeah, it was a textbook. Kids recorded it all on my phone for me. Yet. So. That was I like it. is going to be. It's GonNa. Be Hard to be that last year, but I think I'll probably go. What for sugar elk hunting elk hunting every year in office?.

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