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I may have made similar mistakes and had i made those mistakes. I would've wished i had used the arrival of backup officers to give the situation more time time to make that arrest and wished that i released my grip before it became a chokehold every time i watch that video i say to myself i self is probably all of you do too. Mr garner don't do it. Comply officer pantaleo don't do it. I said that about the decisions made by both officer pantaleo mr garner but none of us can take back hard decisions most especially when they lead to the death of another human being being an after that long preamble after thirteen minutes thirteen minutes after the police commissioner began speaking today he finally said this therefore i agree with the deputy commissioner of trials legal findings recommendations this clear that daniel pantaleo no longer effectively service in new york city police officer joining us now is billable as the mayor of new york city in a democratic presidential candidate mr mayor. Thank you very much for joining us tonight on on this important night. You're very welcome lawyers. There was a lot of talk during the presidential the debate about why haven't you fired the officer. Could you just clarify that for the audience. It's been very clear. I think to people in new york who follow this but the the lines nsima th authority in these cases and how it works absolutely lawrence so our state law says that this is something that has to be handled within the n._y._p._d. Through through a public trial due process a decision by trial judge that goes to the commissioner's recommendation and the police commissioner by state law is the only person who can ultimately act in decades and decades of new york city history no matter what a mayor says or doesn't say the only actual ability to fire era police officer after due process is in the hands of the police commissioner and by the way if you want to see the sanctity of that due process and have it hold up in the end. It's actually important that a mayor not interfere because i believe justice has been done here finally took way too long but justice has been done and now it's. It's important that this decision stick. I'm sure there's going to be an attempt to challenge it in court but it's crucial that it stick that justice be served and that we're able to move move on as a city and a nation and i have to say lawrence. You've watched these situations all around the country. This is the premier police department a nations and not so long ago it would not have been necessarily assumed that trial inside the n._y._p._d. N._y._p._d. deputy commissioner as the judge would result old in this level of accountability. That judge said no that was prohibited chokehold that was wrong and this officer should be terminated. The first stepney commissioner concurred sent that to the commissioner the commissioner concur. This is actually the process working..

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