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Else other than the alleged victim, the bar just might think. Oh, well, there's no evidence that he's dangerous to me swallow. Just go sit right down next to him. And introduce myself. They be engaged a little debate. He murdered. Somebody quote allegedly in front of a number of witnesses. And he is now walking around. Because of the judge decided he's not a danger to anyone else. I just think it's bizarre. Do you suppose that would be the case if? If anybody any other murder goes in front of this judge or you're not a property older. Thus we're gonna keep you in prison. You realize what this leads to basically these to a world in which a rich people who own really nice houses. Well, they're they're not going anywhere. They're not a risk to anybody else. Yeah. The the guy stabbed his wife thirty seven times in front of the entire. Entire city council. But you know, he's not a risk to anybody else because he's not married to anybody else right now. So we'll let him walk around is not a problem. I'm sure. Yeah. I'm sure he'll show up in court. Does that make sense to you guys? To me. This makes no sense whatsoever. He's not a risk to anybody else. What about the weight of the evidence that might indicate that this guy? May have done the crime the number of witnesses who saw the arguments on walkout awesome, walk back in and shoot the death. What what about their testimony? What about their perception of how this world is operating now where that can occur and the judge will say, yeah. Bygones, you know, take a mulligan on this one. I just make sure your show for quarter, right? We're not talking about a parking ticket here. We're not talking about twelve miles an hour over the speed limit. This is a capital crime. But I guess it's a capital crime. That's okay to commit as long as you own a home in Baltimore. Again, we're a renter. He'd be totally screwed. But you know, since he's a homeowner then get bail seriously. You see? That was the that's the press kit. That's what they descend on. Well, well, he's a homeowner. So he's not going anywhere. He's no risk. So if you were renter he'd still be in is that the system of Justice, then so in other words, the more assets you have. The more likely it is that you could commit a capital crime. And the judge would say, wow, you want a Maserati you're not going anywhere because you got those bills to pay for the Maserati. Oh, really are. You have an entire floor of one of the buildings downtown you actually combined five condominium units into one. Well, surely, it's just a a murder charge. I'm sure since you're a property older, you'd hang around on no matter what because you realize that owning the property is more important than a murder charge. Johnny nelson. I have a bizarre court action after twenty years I'm still to be punished for not disclosing non-existent millions of dollars. Well, that's bizarre. And this Judy. I'm wondering how this dude that was just granted a hundred thousand dollar bail on suspicion of murder arrest was able to get a permit to carry his gun. I've been a law-abiding private property owning tax paying citizen the Maryland for fifty years without so much as a parking ticket. And I can't get a pyramid to carry mine. What is wrong with this picture? Thanks, Jen in ocean city. It's bizarre. It is just bizarre. On this, by the way on governor HOGAN. The best to term democrat governor we've had since the last two term democrat governor. Governor HOGAN is either an idiot himself for things we all are. I'd love to see him Monte primary against the president. As far as I'm concerned, you can pick up both of us chins and leave the governor's mansion. Now this Jim McMahon burning is avoid the fat jokes. Jim. Look, I just he has a very different vision of of how the world operates than the vision that I see I see a group of recalcitrant. Democrats who will not cooperate with anybody on the right side of the aisle. Anybody it's just not gonna happen. And that is the case in Washington DC. And of course, when was it? Mike Miller said I think it was it was it after sour Breyer after Erlich that what he wanted to do was to push the Republicans face down into the ground. So far that they never be able to stand up again. Is that kind of bipartisanship that concerns me just a bit? When the governor says he wants to work in a bipartisan member with these people. Apparently, he has no knowledge of the animists the people on the political left have for people on the political. Right. But there you have it Stewarton BelAir. He's next up on talk radio. Six eighty WCBS. Good morning. Hoisted the judges. About it about witnessing. Walking around. Walkout few hot. Well, of course, it'd be no danger to that witness unless we just got to an argument with him. I suppose. But you know, again, we had an Email. The first thing this morning who called me a chuckle hit which is one of the nicer things that people have called me names have called me. And he says, you know, I'm basically abrogating the guys the presumption of innocence and suggesting that due process be suspended. No, I'm not I'm simply saying that as you're saying Stewart that there are other things to consider. It doesn't matter if he has a current danger to anybody else. The question is whether or not it's prudent to let somebody who has fairly strong evidence against him. That simply go out on bail after the suspect has allegedly committed murder in front of a number of witnesses. Really? I mean, I think this idiocy. But there you have it Stewart. Thanks for your call four one zero six eighty for distance at one eight hundred six eighty. Barbie Nelson while I'm I'm offended. I think the judges prejudiced against renters. So they're well, sure my point exactly. See if you're a renter than the presumption would be that you could leave town anytime you want, but since you have a mortgage, then of course, you are already wearing an ankle bracelet that your mortgage company had put on so that they know where you were about some every single every single month. Just in case you come into arrears on any of your mortgage payments is kind of like private mortgage insurance but slightly more aggressive. That's basically what it is. You know, when you when you buy a house where like five percent down or I think maybe I can remember the ten percent you have to pay PM, I private mortgage insurance. That's just in case you default on the mortgage. And the Bank can basically get all of its money back. So they want insurance against that. And I think once you get to fifteen or twenty percent. You can drop the PM I because then the legal assumption is the Bank can indeed get it's money back at that point. If you default. So I guess that it would be prudent for bankers to say. Well, if we're going to lend you the money for your mortgage, you own mind wearing this ankle bracelet because we kind of need to know where you are. Just in case you're going to arrears for any reason. It'd match the other one you have on your other ankle for that murder charge. I think this is probably the way they're going to go just like PM just a little bit more aggressive one zero WCBS six eighty toll free long distance at one eight hundred WCBS eighty wealthy president has been uninvited. I guess maybe. To the state of the union address. Now, the state of the union address once upon a time was. Either written or given to congress and bluntly nobody else in the country paid attention to it until the television age. But now the state of the union has become a political football. Nancy Pelosi has suggested the president reschedule the state of the union address, which is no plan scheduled for the end of the month until the government reopens. She says because you know, there's security concerns. She may not be aware could be she's new in town, a she may not be aware. There's this whole organization called the capitol police and other organization called these secret service. And the they pretty much have the capitol dome under control. There have been much more dangerous times in our history where presidents have given the state of the union address to congress, and somehow that's not where any of them have been subject to an attempted assassination. But she says, well, it's just because we have security concerns because what if the capitol police remember, they're not being paid or not right now. What if what if they resent being out on furlough, and they don't do their jobs and bad guys? Come in. Well, all right. Senator Richard Blumenthal. We last heard spotting off about the need to have our troops of a certain strength overseas. This Blumenthal who lied about whether or not he was in Vietnam, by the way. And he's still got elected. Thank you, Connecticut. Man. I tell you. He says there's a real easy solution to this problem. Gosh, I'm glad you thought of this because none of the rest of us could have thought of this. He says just still problem at all just reopened the government to reopen. The government is a very simple path forward. And I hope that the president will heed and hear the voices American. Oh, that's what you're Blumenthal. The Senate minority there's Chuck Schumer and after his meeting with attorney general Bill Barr yesterday. He agreed with Nancy Pelosi's decision policies. Send a note to the president asking him to postpone the state of the union address to a later date or submitted in writing. If I were the president. I'd be inclined to say either. All right. I'll just give it from the White House. You guys have to be there. The real thing is a security concern. I'm going to give the speech. He's not. He's not me. Intimidated by Nancy Pelosi. But Schumer says well, no, he really it's a is unthinkable to have a state of the union address unless everything is calm here. Which is why by the way, there are no state of the union addresses ever during the Iraq war or Vietnam or Korea or World War Two or World War One or the Spanish American war or the great depression. Is it whenever things weren't perfect. We didn't have a state of the union address. Have to be perfect before you do because you always wanted to be the bearer of good news. Which is why you'd never have a state of the union address like in the middle of World War. What? What? Wrong. You says there actually have been state of the union addresses rather routinely. No matter what condition the government was in. Wow. I guess I really am a chuckle ahead. Here. He is chocolate Schumer. What is the state of the union the government is closed because of President Trump? Yeah. If it continues to be closed on the twenty ninth. I think it's a good idea to delay until the government is oh, see. Just apply that to a war situation. Well, what is the situation of the government? What we are at war. I think that it's reasonable for the president to delay. The state of the union address until peace can be achieved. What does the state of the union? We're we're in the middle of the great depression. It's horrible. I think the president should postpone until we are no longer in the great depression about during Obama the great recession. On sorry. We're in the middle of the great recession. I think the president should postpone the state of the union address until the only thing receding is his hairline. Steny Hoyer are very hone talked about this with Bret Baier yesterday on Fox News. We all know, it'd be doing business as.

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