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A new story from Today in True Crime


<SpeakerChange> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> Thanks for listening <Speech_Music_Female> today in true <Speech_Female> crime. I'm Vanessa <Speech_Female> Richardson <Speech_Female> for more information. <Speech_Female> On the life of Myra <Speech_Female> Hindley <Speech_Female> check out the podcast <Speech_Female> original original <Speech_Female> serial killers <Speech_Female> episodes on the <Speech_Female> Moors murders <Speech_Female> or the <Speech_Female> female criminals <Speech_Female> episodes on <Speech_Female> Hindley herself. <Speech_Music_Female> Today <Speech_Music_Female> in true crime <Speech_Female> is a podcast our cast original. <Speech_Female> You can find <Speech_Female> more episodes <Speech_Female> of today in true crime <Speech_Female> and all other <Speech_Female> podcast originals <Speech_Female> for free on <Speech_Female> spotify. Not <Speech_Female> only to spotify <Speech_Female> already. Have all <Speech_Female> of your favorite Britt music <Speech_Female> but now spotify <Speech_Female> making it <Speech_Female> easy for you to enjoy. <Speech_Female> All of your favorite <Speech_Female> park asked originals <Speech_Female> like today <Speech_Female> and true crime for <Speech_Female> free from your phone <Speech_Female> desktop or <Speech_Female> smart speaker seeker <Speech_Female> to stream today <Speech_Female> in true crime on <Speech_Female> spotify. Just <Speech_Female> open the APP and <Speech_Female> type today <Speech_Female> in true crime in <Speech_Female> the search bar <Speech_Female> at par cast. <Speech_Female> Were grateful for you <Speech_Female> our listeners. <Speech_Female> You allow us to do <Speech_Female> what we love. <Speech_Female> Let us know how we're doing <Speech_Female> reach out on <Speech_Female> facebook and <Speech_Female> Instagram at <Speech_Female> podcast <Speech_Music_Female> and twitter <Speech_Music_Female> at podcast <Speech_Music_Female> network work. <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> We'll be back with a brand <Speech_Female> new episode <Speech_Female> tomorrow <Speech_Female> in True Crime <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> Today. In true <Speech_Female> crime was created <Speech_Female> by Max Cutler <Speech_Female> is a production <Speech_Female> of cutler media media. <Speech_Female> And is part of the podcast <Speech_Female> network <Speech_Female> it is produced by <Speech_Female> Max and Ron Cutler <Speech_Female> sound designed <Speech_Female> by Russell <Speech_Female> Nash With Production <Speech_Female> Assistance by <Speech_Female> Ron Shapiro. <Speech_Female> Paul Paul Moller <Speech_Female> Maggie Admire <Speech_Female> and Freddie. <Speech_Female> Beckley this <Speech_Female> episode of today <Speech_Female> in True Crime was <Speech_Female> written by Robert <Speech_Female> Teams draw. <Speech_Female> I'm Vanessa Richardson. <Speech_Music_Female>

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A new story from Today in True Crime

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