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The next fifty sixty years of his life will serve I tweeted this out. And I believe it one day if this kid ran for president I would be on board twenty thirty even knowing his politics would Would vote. you care that kind of care to me? Yes. Of character. Look, look, look at what costs are we attaining all of this love and accolade and respect. That's all I'm saying, look Jalen hurts was already a nine in embassador ship for Alabama football even before SEC football championship get he's won a national championship game before. So all I'm telling my son is for what a degree of increase in terms of fandom in love and respect. Or you're going to get by having another moment like this versus two years of eligibility somewhere else. You're looking at it from a fan and being celebrated does muscles. And I know I think Jalen and his father look like as a main do people respect, you more as a man right now having gone through this experience and done what you did Alibaba. You could sit here and think Alabama did me wrong. But I'm a better, man. And I'm seen as a better man from this. Experience then almost anything, but that's reception. And that means I'm defining myself based on what you see in me. And that's not that's not priority. That is highly regarded but priority is did I define my life. Did I dictate terms and deny live up to my dreams? Did I chase my dreams? Don't cut them short. Because now you had to compete Alabama hasn't done anything wrong to Jalen hurts dig about it. I agree. All they said is compete. Oh, you're the best until we got something better. Now if you're not good enough in that situation. That's okay. Coach is transferred players transferred. That's the system your goal. What was your goal when you went to Alabama? If that's my son. I remind him of that goal. Don't let them beat that goal out of you. Because now they got to and they've moved on beyond you. I'll just say this. If I had a heist on vote probably grow to Jalen hurts. He is the greatest thing I've seen in college football this. Marcellus is my favorite time. They stole my Twitter off ability. I'll know cabernet. Right. All eat kept. With our social media manager. John Smith is here to tell us what's popping on those Twitter street. Marcellus ourselves is all get along. We birthday you. Turning on. Oh this way. That's not over the big fight this weekend, very versus wild. Or didn't this appoint white went twelve rounds ended in a draw, but still Twitter was buzzing all night about it. Especially feary coming up off the mat their big down. Fox's new boxing analysts former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis gave us through since tweeting. I just saw very comeback from drugs, depression, two years of inactivity, and massive weight loss to outbox WBZ heavyweight champion who was gifted draw. Social media was split on decision. What do you wanna fight? I think we wanted to fight. I was entertained. Yeah. I'll be entertained again. I do think fury probably one to five. But when you get knocked down twice white you can't wind Lennox Lewis. Nailed it exactly those beats he had a better performance better showing too close to call coops too close to take away from the economics of a potential wilder Anthony, Joshua fight. So we're going to save you and call it a draw asking for a rematch to build up another fight that no one saw coming between fury and wilder part too. But that was an amazing fight mazing contest. But who wilder hey, get your skills, man. I mean, he underestimate him. He saw to belly fat. He was like this Duquet hang with me abra dole your left and uppercuts next louder is going to be here tomorrow. I can't wait to hear you say that right? Oh, man. My birthday on. I'm not coming bar thrown out. I'll give fluids a little. Would have the wrong, right? I Don Ellis next year. You're gonna move on Marcellus as Buffalo Bills. Let's go back and low lost the game for the dolphins. Oh, man. They're lost their coup after with hybrid visit van Jerry he was getting into the referee and the tunnel. This video went viral after the game huge to play dumb locker room outdoors. Listen, I didn't. Yeah..

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