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Works for you Find out more and start listening with a 30 Day trial free audible dot com Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, let's get the updated Weather forecast updated just a little while ago with meteorologist in divorce this afternoon. Some mainly cloudy skies. They do expect some stories and Sprinkles maybe some heavier showers. Rangers, so keep it. The islands will keep an eye on some snow for tonight, especially closest to the coast. You are the more likely already to see coating the answer so and maybe some slick spots temperatures tomorrow We'll get up on Lee in the low thirties real fields in the teens with another snow shower, and then it's frigid Friday real fields below zero much of the day if not all day, mid twenties sunshine Saturday. Rounding up Sunday Snow possible into Monday. Thank you but the meteorologist Tina board, WBZ bosses, news radio starting to warm up just enough to see that rain snow line in the lingering snow showers on the South shore to turn more into rain. For example, in Plymouth right now you're 36 degrees 39 degrees in Hi, Anna. So there was this little last remnant. Last breath of Precipitation looks like it's changing over to rain and then going out to sea in Boston right now is 32 degrees. If you need to hire you need indeed, indeed immediately delivers quality candidates from their resume database when you upgrade your job post get started it indeed. Com slash credit. New research suggests what you may already know about man's best friend. They are smart, maybe as smart as a two year old scientists had it wish. Laura and University in Budapest say that some dogs such as Border collies can learn new words after hearing them just four times lead study author Claudia for Gaza explains In this study. We found that similar to young Children. Talented dogs, candor and words very fast, too gifted Dogs in the study learned the name of a new toy after hearing it only four times without any formal teaching. One of the dogs faced with seven already named dog toys, and one new one was able to choose the new one when the owner spoke a new name. This confirms the dogs can choose by exclusion. But researchers say few dogs or this talented Allison Keyes, CBS News, All right, and speaking of dogs. Ah House bill in Rhode Island would allow injured police dogs.

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