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Yeah and i think that's like something i really admired about where carol ended up in her story where she's like you know what no like i am amazing like i deserve to be where i am and i don't know if i've ever hundred percent felt that way i think to like a moth story needs an ending but a lot of times the conflict that word dealing with doesn't end it's always ongoing and so i think it's okay that your last line is tb for now and yeah that's okay okay well i don't wanna do anything else for the rest of this that was a great lesson we're we're coming in the last line so before we go we have this core thing lined up for you guys to take on in celebration of the moth podcasts tenth anniversary we are looking for the ultimate moth fund to guest host than episode off this podcast okay well i'd like to at this point and use this to throw my name officially into their i think we've maybe gotten our chance i share the space but yeah so whether you've been with us from the very beginning or whether this is your first episode which by the way completely unbiased opinion great i episode to tune into you can go online to the moth dot org slash contest to throw your name into the metaphorical hat or check out the webpage for this podcast episode and find the link there but we hope to hear from you so that's all from this week thanks for listening and we hope you have a story where the week.

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