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Yeah. I was in Ireland for that World Cup. I'm really jealous. I've never been to a World Cup in person. Well, you should go to Qatar all of a sudden you're going to. Man, you got all these connections to Saudi Arabia. I think we know which one you need to go to all that is the last place. I wanna be. Legos? What would you call it? The Burj Khalifa the rapper. The rapper virtually if we've descended into nonsense here. The one thing I do wanna read is we got a good Email from trae who talked to us about treated more research on the nicknames than we did on every episode for the last two months combined. Yes, he said, I don't necessarily enjoy the Gary Harris nickname segment, but I'm hung over and listening to podcasts and thought I Google to see if he had any nicknames. His Wikipedia nickname is Gary Gary Harris, Harris. Maybe we should just go with Gary Harris, squared Gary Harris's father is named Gary Harris, also, so maybe he's Gary junior. Gary Harris's Twitter handle is at that's g. So I'm assuming his close, friends and family. Call him g g fourteen summit is kind of dope. If Gary was a political science major. Unfortunately, he majored in marketing g fourteen is still pretty good though. And then he signed off. I kind of hate myself for having done any fourteen summit is not a good nickname tram. I'm sorry g fourteen is not bad though. Reminds me of I believe it was rush hour things. Something was g fourteen classified. Yeah. I mean, I feel like when we get into the g plus the number. I'm thinking private jets G four achieve five. Am I g fourteen to me that sounds like an incredible plano, Gary Harris has the ops to really satisfy that? Also calling him just g that's g I don't Lee can't do that. Okay. If I don't think anyone should. I don't think he's good outsiders. Can't be like all gee, had a great name. Great game, less G's, mom, g senior can call him. Hey, if you're talking to him, you say, gee, what's going on? But like, yeah. I don't know. I mean, Brendan HOGAN said us nuggets fans. Call him big shot. Gary can't do that. No. He's never been in a playoff. Well, he did hit a big shot though over the weekend. Congratulations at one he has been in a playoff game. Give back to me when he's made a plan. It looks like that's come in. Somebody else said they call him Garris. Nope. But the. Kyle said just FYI I that bay area's resident nuggets fan Corey Runge has been calling Gary Harris gear bear that is a good nickname. Okay. I don't know of you. And I as grown men can sit on the podcast here and call him care bear. But that's the only good Gary Harris nickname that we've found I was planning to sleep on your couch tonight. And if you call him gear bear casualties dropping out. I'm walking straight out the front door. I'm going to sleep at the Lincoln Memorial. Good. Well, hey, that's a good place to wrap it for. Now. We will be back later in the week your hero week. This is the best part about you going to the post is you're going to be in DC like ten times more often. Hopefully. No, I is nights. I spent a lot of time here when I was in college because it's close to Baltimore. And I you know, me I love history. I love the monuments the politics all of it. So I'm not going to be bored in the slightest, but it does make for more loopy face-to-face podcasts. So we'll becoming the listeners again with another face to face one later this week. Let's do it. And I think I'm going to be an LA next week. So Where'd you in-person pod? Now, this is what we do. Very cool. Guys voted us five stars. If you keep giving us five stars our budgets keeps going up and up, and we'll be flying all over the world for summits and doing live time G for life. In the meantime, Email. Jeep fourteen

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