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I am Jim Baskerville with some more baseball years Pablo Sandoval knocked in the game winner in the night giants best the m.'s four to three hundred. Pence went deep for the winners while the San Francisco pennant, floor relievers yielding just one ahead over the, final three and a third Jose. Barrios terrific mound job twins. Five to nothing shutout over the. Blue Jays you struck out nine scattered four hits over seven frames while Burch Smith picked up his first win in nearly. Five years Mike Mushtaq is. Salvador Perez. Wendy royals topped the. Tigers five four Smith gave up just one, hit fan six over six and a third got a second career win I in. September fifteenth twenty thirteen that was percent Yego at the time against Atlanta Meantime Dwayne Wade has reportedly been offered a three year. Twenty, five million dollar deal by a Chinese team the deal would make. Way the highest paid player in China Brian Windhorst. On the offer for more on this. Let's say Hello to Brian Windhorst Brian I mean listen that's a lot of money especially considering. His age she can still play but. He certainly past his prime how seriously we'll do. We consider this offer well I I'll say she's, not playing three years so forget about this this will just be a one year decision I've been texting with some players during this afternoon and they're talking about this how much money would it take for you to go play in a smaller. Chinese city still larger, than most of our say is that one of the prime cities fly commercially deal with a lot of comfort I don't think the way it's going to take this. Offer I think he's established I don't think he necessarily needs, to the play in China however there are, business reasons long-term while he's pausing. To think about it and. I do think he'll give it. Serious consideration he has not turned it down yet The business, reasons, meaning that apparel company right, that he signed wrestling. That's got to be, a long shot at best right meantime Ohio State coach urban Meyer said the. Decision, to fire its Zac Smith Monday was a, very tough call made. With the best interest of the team he. Fired Smith days after an Ohio judge issued a protection order that forbids Smith, from getting within five hundred feet of his ex wife Smith was charged with criminal trespassing after dispute with his ex wife and may police also investigated dispute between Smith and his ex wife when they were still. Married in two thousand nine Smith was a member of Meyers. Florida staff at that. Time according to college football reporter Brett mcmurphy Meyer said he. Was, aware of the incident back in two thousand nine and commented on. His latest move which he says Smith violated the. Core values of the school here's Meyer The core values is something that you know there's a difference between a mistake a core. Value when I was six years old I was set down by my father and his explained to me about what core values are and what mistakes are mistakes correctable core values are who you are certain things that we sat down remember six years old trying to think. What what the heck is he talking about what has stuck with me I'm fifty four now to this day I, still teach my family, the same thing so it is a..

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