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And he's not one of those reclamation projects that maker got for thirty five thousand this was a horse claim for eighty thousand in a race for one hundred and three buyer. So this is the worse that was in very good for when the got him. John Ortiz did a good job to get him to win the sycamore. And I thought to McKnight was a real step forward racing somewhat close to a pace that pretty much fell apart and he held off stablemate slowly very nicely two mile and a half. So I think a mile and three eighths might be just exactly what he wants distance wise, and he seems to be. Be clear alternative to channel maker who let's not kid ourselves. When channel maker was victorious last year. He was sort of in control of his trip. He either went to the lead and was able to dominate on the front end on a wet turf. Course like he in the Joe Hirsch or he raced close to a an isolated leader in the bowling green that he ended up that heating with. So that circumstance may not present itself. It's enough for you to use an alternative channel maker. And to me, it's very clearly the Wylfa. Well, and I thought Zulu alpha was the key. Because there is also the matter, you know, the where the three turn race it starts on the right on the turn. And from you know, from the outside post, there's a little bit of a, you know, an added burden for channel maker the rail is at twenty four feet, and that does not help the outside horses, the the two alternatives that I I basically wrote this up I went six with oven for five eight, and I would just point out. Out hundred Riley, inventory, kin as the very least for those of you play in exotics, those your exotic players at at, you know, decent numbers, actually. And when I did that I hadn't seen the the pricing but hundred Riley's ten to one inventory kin twelve to one and that actually the those prices may hold in an eleven Horsfield. Yeah. I think so. And I think you're gonna get a tremendous amount of support for the favorite. And and what you alluded to is accurate, which is at I would imagine while resign. We're going to have to ask channel maker for a little bit of speed right out of the gate at risk of of losing his way a little bit and being wide, which you obviously don't want to do. So, you know with with village king, and this kind of Dobie Heim he a horse in the race that probably should inject some pace. You could see it being a legitimate pace for my own three race. I'm not gonna go so far as to say it's going to be fast. I will say that users of time formulas will notice that that this is is rated. On the pace projector race should have a fast pace. So if you believe that you you definitely want to have Zulu alpha you obviously want to use highlands guy. I think is a backup Highland sky is a horse..

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