Triple 8 dominate the Sandown 500.

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Motor sport. Look back at the same now, five hundred. Stay with us. Rice engineering, dominating the same down five hundred taking all three spots on the podium. The to red bull, Holden racing team ties one and two and lands order banned the position at the end of a hundred and sixty one laps, Jamie wing Cup, pulled on bro. All but two laps of the journey wing Cup, talked about how I'm have mental. The rice was full. The front running. You just preparation. We fed really well brought through really quick housi- this weekend and. Really proud of engineering grids, Kim, moving forward, we'll fostering fraud. I just can't moving forward Kim evolving the car and Sunday tonight for the rice. The cows at this. Rice's is pretty straightforward. Pay did a great job like you did and we, we lead from the front thankfully that the gossip stays didn't throw entertainment safety cow with a with a choke on the outside. So that was nice. We just had a clean run, which is important. But all in all. Yeah, yeah. The funny thing for the rice all hit a massive rub and ran over and looked him a just smashed out lousy head lot. So that was fast and furious. So the stuff. But apart from that, it was Oprah, shy, Fode we, we do a lot of prep and we, we try very hard. We represent a lot of people and a lot of brands and absolutely expects us six guys up here to go to represent the brand and showing how good the cows out the end of the die. So thankfully it doesn't always go you alive at today at everything rent smoothie, there were no no curve balls with ties or blown gearboxes or seatbelts coming down. Actually, to be honest, the on the drama was the safety cat. I just made a mockery of that could've could've cost us too late. So thankfully will far enough up the road that that didn't work at rice, pulled Umbro gave his thoughts on the result. I think as sedalia. What happened in the past. It's happened in the past. You know, you can't. You can't Dame yourself. You can't do that. That's happened. So all we could do come here is coming here this weekend, not put a foot wrong. I'd probably Danny lo lot familiar was Jimmy take them all that record away from me. So Dan after the weekend calling with one loss gnawed. Big match. Next weekend's richer targets. No, Beth Nissen. What's all that now? Obviously, the cows really, really quick went. They lost and didn't really form as we expected. So there's a lot of work focus going and a couple of weeks, Tom, Shane, being Bergen, and or Bamber finished in second place, van Ginsburg and he gained more points bleed over his closest rival, Scott McLaughlin in the DJ our Team Penske falcon who finished in fourth position because pretty amazing and then get into rice the Penske's and stuff. The these top attracts the low downforce of really being a struggle in previous years. You know, you took wing off the af and just wanted to do done, not everywhere. So it's one of the first things I learned in rising. Felons is more important than grip and he didn't make the downforce number out wrought, but the balance is so much better. And when we come to hear tizzy, hopefully Bathurst, maybe we can actually take it off max weighing and. The balance of the car. This weekend was awesome, and we had straight lawn. So last couple of years we couldn't have both. So it's been been really good step forward with the Zabi Bamber who's won some amazing races, including the l'amour twenty four hour rice twice. He spoke about what it was like to be on the podium in Sandown. Firstly. Absolutely amazing to be able to come join AAA and red bull. The first time in Giro's is pretty special. Thank you. Trust him. Main rookie to come here. There's been amazing. And I mean the Qasr being all Simpson's or wrote off the truck. Cobb, one was a rocket to think about it overnight as well. And we managed to tune into out Karen to a rocket as well for Sunday, and starting in the middle of the pack was pretty interesting. Tenth eleventh, but the cow was mega managed to get it up into the top five or six by the time we pitted and over to shine. So it's been a pleasure. It's been awesome. Shines being a great mentor as well. Teaching me about supercars and everything to do. I think without his advice in those two, since it. It would have been more difficult. So now really finding my fate in the category there and count life, and Beth is now super pump for this advantage attracted, I know, and now come together the team and sort of rolled on from here. But like you've said, we need to keep working hard. I see the amount of hot work and of managed to drive in some

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