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Saami you know damned in isolation and obscurity But i didn't know what a narcissist was. He's i'd worked with plenty of didn't even know it But i thought we could have done better on that on that deal but it it it did get some attention. I guess that's the object. Get attention when ernie debut you know this is going to take care of it. Real well on his win loss record and i said this before. I don't know that i've ever. I can't recall. Maybe somebody put my head later. You remind me somebody that. The vince tried harder to get over the lex luger. The promotional of manifestations alexa express the intrepid yokozuna although sakes were were major elements in trying to establish leks as somebody very very special eventually worked his ass off to confidence those things. So we can't ever. I don't think we'd give blame. Mcmahon luckily often do in this business for everything. I don't think we can blame vance for lex not getting over to the level that was perceived for him to become convinced. It everything you do it just you know somewhere along the way you have to connect with your audience and sometimes and there's no time for that sun guys connect right away and some guys connect years later so i think that's where i stood on that i thought could better job of introducing him but i i know the effort was there. And that was just the first phase of of The narcissist stuff you know so in any event. He's he got he got promoted. Well i can tell you that. He got promoted well. And expensively do you think he felt like just based on look alone. Hey this could be my next hulk hogan of course absolutely. I think you was at one time. Fully believed that lex luger would be his next hogan and The issue there is is that you know. I i will tell you. I thought wax was a lot better athlete than hogan. But he didn't have hogan's kristin you know whether we like hoeger he don't like hogan or or you know he's he wasn't never a great worker and all that stuff was what is a great word. Conrad right fuck is a great worker. He flies a headlock correctly. he doesn't leg slap or is it somebody that draws money with some other draws money is a key component. How do you say hogan was a great worker. He threw money a pull the wagon asking those cats on the on the cards back in the day. Or so w w f time what What car do you want to be on. I want to be on hogan's car get their booking sheets the first thing look for the warriors hogan booked and now my own that car. Because we know it's going to draw. So i think that was the issue with lex that charisma thing and that's not a san by the way. I'm not knocking the guy i mean. There's a lot of guys didn't have oh conspiracy. Hugh did as a matter of fact. I do think that's really believe that. That alexis had all the attributes. Sars athleticism primarily the look To could be articulate. Here's a little different. He's a departure from hope. But i think that was the mindset we may we may have our next hogan and so that we so that journey began. I've just fascinated by that advance. Who knows so much about wrestling and boy. Some of our listeners just laughed but he he understands how to promote and how to connect with the audience and what's going to quote unquote get over whatever you wanna call it but to just boil it down to well the cheer hogan because he looks a certain way and candidly i. I'm only here talking to you about wrestling. Because of hulk. Hogan i was a little hulkah- maniac and i'm a big hawk maniac. I'm a big fan of his big on. I am just big. But i'm just saying there's no i. I don't see how you could make the leap to say well. He's got a better body than hawks so he'll be just as big and i don't think that was a case. Okay i think it was a field. Same maybe some of the same things that attracted you to hogan. Yeah the charisma is what got all over me. I mean hit the silly hand gestures and oil. You know something. Oh that that worked for me as a little kid and luger just didn't have any of those almost feel like lugar could be I dunno even compare him to the ultimate warrior wouldn't be fair because a warrior had a fantastic body. But you know lugarda didn't have the i'm gonna run to the ring and the crazy music and blah blah blah anyway. Let's keep it going. Let's talk about win a lot to unpack your conrad. Let's let's talk about when we hit the reset button and that's really why we're talking lex luger today. Of course we had originally hoped to do lex luger all in one episode. But as you like to say jim because lord knows i would never say something like that. There's so much unpack here. There's no in one episode so We split it up and the reason we decided to split it up and do it. Today is because of the fourth of july. Which of course is right around the corner. And that's really when the lex express is born so the narcissist is put to rest And here we go with the reset. Were you involved at a at any of the Quote unquote office. Discussions about Sort of getting a A a new a new coat of paint as bruce likes to say not not really too much in depth. I mean vincent say you know what do you think you know you work with him. Etcetera etcetera kind of guy is he thinks like that. Just get back around. I was i was involved in.

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