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Was that there would drive I was going in I in this outdoor area of a home depot and about halfway in I noticed a sign that said this is exit only I was already in sorry and there was nobody around wasn't a crowd it was nobody else there there was nobody else in that area at all except one or two workers that was it let's quit being stupid about this that's not that's not going to change anything eight six six ninety right I tips from J. J. Keller and associates incorporated on preventative maintenance safety items as the first line of defense in the preventative maintenance process your efforts are significant to staying on the road the most important parts on your truck other components that keep the truck safe some of the components you should pay attention to are the tires do they have the required tread on them the lights are they all working their critical in making sure you can see and recognize what you're doing the brakes is everything connected properly are the hose is not leaking these are only a few of the vital safety components but it's important to be sure all of them are working properly this tip was brought to you by J. J. Keller and associates incorporated visit us at J. J. Keller dot com this report is brought to you by national truck protection and premium.

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