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And i just. I don't know what's wrong with you. People like look at this. It's in the palm of my hand and you know part of me. Thinks like they're in the minority and we're moving toward the future. But i'm slowly begin to realize that i'm in the minority and just well ahead of the curve at this point earlier i think so. Well the scary thing too is that you know if everything were to go to digital and then you know something crazy happens like electric Pulse right you lose thousands or millennial alami i how many years but you lose. You would lose a ton of historical records right so you kind of need to have both my view. Because the the issue with papers at deteriorates over time and things like that digital record but you also need to have and historical precedent of them burning books. Just even hires right like the you know library. The library alexandria right but yeah stroz thousands of years of history. So my view is you. It's it's just like a backup and so it's a way to preserve knowledge in it's advantageous to do both ways. Okay i'll accept it as a backup. There's a book. I don't remember the title of it that My wife has bought multiple copies of To give out his gifts. But it's an auto print book right. So i get prohibitively more expensive every time she does go like i one good one and digital. You actually rates erase intriguing point. Because then there's there's that issue there are books that With with the shift of market power. Certain you know certain companies. There are books that won't be reprinted because of this whole cancel culture so older books that reflect the time and circumstance there their publishers. Now in the in the horror industry or industry as an example. And i don't want to say you know names of companies books but they've had books delisted were written in the nineteen fifties because of this whole cancer cultures. So that's the that's also partly linked to digital. You can also do that to physical books. We just have vendors. That won't carry them and that to me is worth by. Yeah and that's one of the reasons why i like bain The your publisher bain books because they offer the digital copies. Dram free right so you own it you own it and if it gets canceled it can be historically preserved the politically correct way of saying that it can be disseminated regardless because you don't have to worry about the copyright software infringing on your ability to to share that book with people who may value reading it. Yeah i mean i. I think it's a terrifying development. You should be able to bite by hiding or censoring knowledge. You almost in effect make it more intriguing to people and you know if you're if you're trying to stop certain modes of thought what you're actually doing is incentivizing. You're getting people to kind of look for those things and seek them out. Hopefully hopefully and the thing is like the these things should be settled on the strength of the idea. Not whether someone says it's it's forbidden or not that much. We can agree so this weird world war three Terrible segue back into that takes place in a in an alternative future right and so the time line branches as a worst since people are comfortable with those allergies with the prevalence of movies and tv shows going on right now Takes place in an alternative future and there's a bunch of different authors giving their version of what that weird world would look like so. It's not just an alternative future. It's also alternative past history. So the the the fundamental premise behind it is if the soviet union and the united states had ever fought world war three. What would it have looked like. And then there's an initial twist on top of that which is each of the stories had include that premise and be had to have some weird element that was associated with it. so as an example It for any any any of your listeners. Who like hp lovecraft. As an example is a horror author cosmic cosmic. Horror is as well known for. There's a story in the book that contemplates a limited nuclear exchange on earth between the us and soviet union and there are cosmonauts and astronauts with moon bases and there have observing it the aftermath of of that limited nuclear exchange from space. and so. that's kind of the weird the weird but that's the soviet union versus a united states aspect of the story. Okay but there's a third element which is There's a lovecraft in monsters or group of monsters that show up on the moon and start attacking the cosmonauts and the astronauts who are stationed on the moon to decide to intercede or do we just let this strange alien species species from beyond at the from the edge of the solar system wipe out their enemies and then just kind of deal with the problem if and when it comes to them and they may or may not get a surprise at the end so their stories like that by that one in particular is by. John langan okay. Who is a Amazing or author. He won the brand stoker for A book called the the fishermen. So it's you know he really kind of gets you into the story so stories like that. Another example is david drake who is also You know May or may not be going to the. I think it's been known as a author obviously but he's Widely credited as having come up with kind of the or just extended or or enrich. Greatly enriched the military science fiction genre. Will he has a story based on his experiences. In vietnam and cambodia where there's a long range reconnaissance patrol are lope lurk. That goes out and is you're trying to take out. A soviet shaman and the soviet shaman is the soviets. Are you know working with demons to infiltrate the us military so Again another intriguing story with that weird element with kind of you know either full blown hot world world war. Three or Intensifying cold war element right. That's you know about to lead to world war three. Yeah i like the the example of the the the alien invasion and whether or not to to watch it because in in private conversations. I've always been the advocate for a tenuous alliances with people who have a mutual enemy. Right like no. no no will align will align with that group over there and we'll put them on the front line right that way. Both of our enemies will be. We will be weakened and it'll be easier for us to like to win the future battle so so which which works for humans but when the the threat is so alien that you're not really in communication with them. You're kind of just watching right. It gets really interesting that definitely. That definitely adds a wrinkle. Because you know the question my mind is like could we beat the aliens right like if you if you let them dominate your enemies your human enemies you know and it comes down to like your time to battle them. While the likelihood is they're going to walk all over you as well that would be..

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