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Upstairs the almost world-famous Warren store colledge Fremont it's the Dave Ramsey show on wgn and we are back talking about the subject of adult onset hunting with Joshua Morris who is an adult onset hunter here in Vermont and Nicole Nicole Meyer of the Vermont Department of Fish and wildlife and she you are also an adult onset hunter you tell me Nicole and tell me about that your you've been hunting for how long now well I only touched my first gun after I graduated from College so about ten years Yup and I grew up in a I grew up never had guns in the house and we never thought about hunting and when I got one of my first jobs out of college it was working for the New York State Department environmental conservation doing their Hunter Chuck Station programs and and working in their wildlife and hunter education divisions and when I told my mom was interested in starting to hunt she said I thought you wanted to save Bambi not kill it which I think is a really common sentiment from from folks who don't know that hunting and Firearms Sales Fund Conservation through the Pittman Robertson Act which funds a lot of what we do in the fishing explains to her how I felt that it was after after doing a lot of research and a lot of learning I felt that it was more ethically and I I really really wanted this second year to make sure that I had a clean shot and an ethical fast kill and that that did happen I harvested be you know a clean shot as quick kill was was both really a release in a feeling like I've I've done it right have the most fun making roasts now I've been cast iron I put it on a bed of carrot sort of poor in half a bottle of red wine salted well arrested D._v._d.'s terrific programming throughout the day have a great day afternoon everybody.

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