Austin, Jennifer Schultz, CDC discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Austin public health's coronavirus responses now been elevated to phase three that means there are confirmed cases but not spread their local transmission Austin chief epidemiologist Jennifer Schultz as a team will be mobilized to conduct what's known as contact tracing that requires them to investigate that individual and determine where the band if they've been in contact with any other individuals two people have been confirmed to have the virus but neither are believed to have contracted it in the Austin area capital metro says its operations will be changing very little amid these local cases of coronavirus the agency says it's adding extra disinfected to hand rails and other areas touch regularly by passengers all buses trains and facilities are also undergoing CDC recommended cleaning procedures the cedar Park City council has address the growing issue of coronavirus that discussion was added to the agenda at the last minute mayor Corbin van Arsdale says governor Greg Abbott is called for steady income leadership from local governments they don't want to have this over panicked over fearing thing going on at the same time they want to enhance safety because he made it crystal clear this is going to require a lot of effort to keep from spiking he says Williams a county judge bill Gravelle begin conducting daily conference calls to increase coordination and the Pflugerville city council is calling a special meeting this afternoon to discuss coronavirus city services and preparedness social distancing and necessary precautions related to that illness will all be brought to the table that meeting will kick off at five PM Pflugerville is also in close contact with Austin public health and Travis county emergency services district to still plenty of spring warmth out there today let's get you look at your.

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