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Did you have a chance to watch the Japanese miniseries that was based on the manga by I have not I I'm sorry. I haven't I will tell you. If you want something that is more faithful if you really have your pennies in a bunch that this was. Not a faithful adaptation that the Japanese miniseries. That was I I think it was two thousand fourteen they did a really good job. Now, it is transplanted from American the nineteen fifties to Japan in the nineteen fifties, which is kind of fitting because there's a lot of post-war stuff that is going on in the book. There's gangsters in Japan, just like those gang Suzy, netted states. Yeah. We've got the the the parallels there, and yeah, it's really interesting the way that they transport this over to Japan and make it fit very, well, if anything the convoluted of the book are also in the miniseries, which is at the five hours long. So you get a lot more of this kind of stuff in you get those site characters you get more about the sisters and all these kind of things. So I would say that if you. Two more faithful adaptation definitely check that out. It is out there. It is. There's a fan sub diversion that is available. Subtitles are little rough because they run off the size of the screen. Sometimes it could be formatted little bit better. But I'm not going to be a a dick about somebody fans subbing something because I couldn't speak Japanese assay my life. So it was really kind of a nice take on that. And they don't do the thing where Philip Marlowe name is like the Kanji version of Philip Marlowe, whatever, and it's interesting, the Roger Wade type character. He's almost like a at Dawar, go round poll type character, he writes, the euro fiction. And so it's more the pulpy kind of stuff. So it's interesting when it comes to that. And I did find that interesting the way that Roger Wade in the book is almost stand in for Chandler and the way that he will talk about writing and that he writes in the same. Method that Chandler did when it came to using these yellow pieces of paper to type onto all this kind of stuff. And I think it's the most self aware of Chandler's books having this writer character in there. But again, it's a little self indulgent. And yeah, cut us some slack since his first wife was dying or second life care Maria second life was dying. But at the same time, it's like if like he was really struggling to bring pulp out of the gutter to bring detective fiction out of the gutter. But for me, it's never been in the gutter, and sometimes I kind of liked the gutter better than I liked the lofty stuff. I always admire Chandler more than I liked them. The big sleep is pretty well written. But I get annoyed at how he just doesn't seem to care about plot. You know, you can do both. You can have great characterizations. But you could also have a good solid plot. And things like that. I think I prefer his short stories to his novels. But when we talk about like, a two. Writers are considered kings of his Janjua Marlow Hammett. I've always preferred Hammett. Yeah. Fries, but Philly that hemmitt was superior plumbing and forgiving us lived in villain. I we're to take another break in play preview for next week show. You may pay rent. Doing this neighborhood. Operate. Undressed? Naval. My town. Anger of my heart, my heart conceivable, we'll break. Yes. Really sorry much tool. Tapis? Speculate..

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