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Deedrick Darnell Owens born in Nineteen, ninety-three killed a six-year-old girl named Kayla Rolland in Mount Morris Township Dietrich had a thirty two caliber handgun. The gotten from his uncle's house brought to school, and then in front of the teacher and twenty two other students pulled out the gun and shot. Kayla fired, the gun just wants. The bullet hit the first grader in the arm before piercing several vital organs, doctors not able to save her own age and lack of ability to form intent. He's never charged with anything. However, his uncle was charged. Jim James. who hadn't locked up to thirty two caliber semiautomatic pistol ended up pleading no contest to involuntary manslaughter spent two and a half years in prison before eventually being released spending a period of time on probation. What's Dietrich up to. All I could find, was it? He is now a felon convicted for a home invasion Larsen C. when he was eighteen in Bay City Michigan Oh. And father said that before the shooting his son had been suspended before for fighting and for stab with Pencil. Sheriff Robert PA- cal involved in the case, said Owens's father told authorities to sunlight, violent movies and television shows the the sheriff said Owens also told him that when he asked us on why he fought with other children. His son said that he because he hated him. So sounds again like there were red flags. This kid wasn't sweet and well adjusted before the murder. He didn't just want to show off his uncle's gun to some friends. And then you know something cool, and then actually went off. No, he was. He was troubled violent before the shooting. The next terrifying killer kid is a parents absolute worst nightmare. We've gone over numerous examples of kids killing kids. There are also lots of examples out on the web of kids killing family members including their parents. This is one of those around midnight. On the evening of January nineteenth, two, thousand, thirteen, even more recent, very disturbed fifteen year, old boy named now Maya Griego! Went into his parents bedroom in South Valley New Mexico. Suburb Albuquerque with the twenty two caliber rifle from the family gun cabinet, and he shot his sleeping mom in the face. The shot woke up his nine year old brother Zephenia. Sorry these names even when I hear bunch these. came was going on. Griego met him in the hallway and led him into the room to show him what he does. The MOM when Zephenia understandably upset over this Griego shot him twice with the same rifle, left in to die on the floor down the hall. He can now hear his two younger sisters crimes. We walked into their room with her huddled together shot both five-year-old jail or jail and two year old Angelina. Now on the House Griego went back to the gun cabinet got an Ar fifteen out to ambush his dad, who was a pastor. Deg home from late night work at a local church. When his dad walked in the front door Griego shot him in the entry way just let him up left him there to die. So to recap. He shut his mom three siblings in his dad. They all died. That night kills his entire fucking family. Then, he goes back upstairs. Take the keys to his mom's Van and drives off authorities soon catch win of the crime. When griego had asked his girlfriend's grandma, she was living with grandma if he can move in with them for a while. The more police learned about this case. A stranger at God for stars Griego family deeply religious, fifty one year, old Greg and his wife Forty Year Old Sarah home schooled their kids most kept them away from secular society, despite the strong Christian atmosphere, parents seem to be comfortable with Rico's relationship with his twelve year old girlfriend. And apparently turned a blind eye to a sexual relationship between the two. In fact right after Griego, shut his family. He texted his girlfriend with a confession told her he was feeling crazy. According to SMS logs the payer then sent a series of sexually explicit text back and forth to each other alternately griego claim to have killed his parents, because his father was controlling and abusive. Physically, but there's evidence suggests that his killings were part of premeditated plan. He'd worked out with his twelve year. Old Girlfriend, who is having sex with to have both families killed so they could be together. She was allegedly supposed to kill her parents to but back down to the last minutes when asked why if it was his parents who were so abusive, why why did he then kill his younger siblings? He said he was because he had to do a thorough job. You get away with it. In. Two Thousand Sixteen decided to send us the then nineteen year old Griego as juvenile, but he was later given life in prison without the possibility of parole when another judge reversed the lower court court's ruling. Griego confessed to having been deal with homicidal fantasies for quite some time before the killings even considered going on a killing spree after killing his family. which we hoped would end in a gun battle with police. So maybe some red flags here before the murders, maybe parents should have been checking his text messages. Talking to him about Sexton is twelve year old girlfriend. Maybe send him do some counselling. Abyan counting the murder fantasies would've come up. I don't know but maybe. Not a lot was done another big group killer kids, and this will be the last group. We'll talk about school shooters. May. Twenty six two thousand Lake Worth Florida. Thirteen year, old honor student Nathaniel. Brazil sent home for throwing water balloons returns to lake, worth medical middle school with the family pistol fatally shoots teacher Barry now. A popular teacher who had sent him home that day as a child Brazil was surrounded by domestic abuse and alcoholism at home. Local police free responded to calls from Brazil residence. Says one another one on April twenty four. There's so many in April. Twenty, four, two, thousand, three in red line Pennsylvania, fourteen year, old student, Jayme sheets entered red line area, junior high school armed with Stepdad's pistols shot and killed the school's principal Eugene Sa- grow before killing himself. Sheets letting team plan to the school football team coffee. We found skateboarding shoot hoops in his rural subdivision. To this day. No one understands why this happened. These WHO's talking? September twenty, four, two, thousand, three fifteen year, old recovery, High Freshman, John Jason McLaughlin walked into his high school in cold Spring Minnesota with a loaded twenty two caliber handgun shot fifteen year, old freshman, seth bartell in the chest, fired a second shot, says the missed and hit seventeen year old, senior Aaron Rawlins in the neck Bortles, and tried to run away, but McLaughlin random down, and shot him in the forehead both shooting victims died McLaughlin. Sense to life in prison, was, did he do? It seems to be a lot of bad nature in this example, six mental health experts. Experts brought in to testify in court. Three of them diagnosed him with schizophrenia. The other three diagnosed him with major depression and emerging personality disorder, clearly struggling with mental health issues, not being treated..

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