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And I'm like, okay, my friend like I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't like you can have whatever response you want. Sure. Like I'm not censoring your response to me. I'm not expecting that somehow. Like I find it hot so like, yeah, great, awesome. But there's these conflicts all the time about how we're supposed to be perceiving in shutting down our biology or like our basic re reflects instinct. So anyway, I tell people not to research me, but just because also I want personal relationships outside of my professional life. It's really important to me like I don't wanna be relating all the time about what. I do professionally course. But I feel like I really need to. I really have to do a live orientated and I talk a lot to that about to my adolescent clients because the girls are really like, I think I'm gonna break up with the sky because it's just like too much too fast. This guy's already talking about 'cause some of the boys like they're trying to be good, and so they're like talking to their girlfriends about marriage in high school. You know, because that's the only language they have to express how deeply they care. So they can't say, I care about you so much. I feel so connected to you. They're saying like, I wanna marry you and have kids with you. So then I tell my the girls. Okay, I do that translation for them and then they relaxed because I'm like, you know, he feels really strongly, and this is how he knows to say sweet. And then I say, okay, so in this particular one I'm thinking of was like, and I'm just going to go. I needed just meditate on emptiness like someone had given her looking Osho book. And so she's gonna break up with the guy who's like a super nice. Nice guy. We'll do whatever she wants at whatever pace she wants. He's like, we can just be friends, whatever, just into her break up with him and then go, meditate on emptiness. I had to talk to her about her trauma, which is like, look, this is challenging because you're, you're being asked to ride some middle ground here. Any boy is coming up on porn right now. So any guy that you're going to be with your going to have to be the educator because you're going to have to tell them, you know, this feels like you're performing something that's not just organically happening in the moment. I would like to do this. This feels like too much to me. So it's not being in the position of being the gatekeeper? No, no, no. But it is being in the position of the guide because their energy is is way there's this way too much charge coming out just dant for the person to modulate and you know you're sixteen or seventeen. She's just like, I'm just going to take the full on flight response and be done with this and like run way out there to meditate on emptiness. And I was like, you know, because this particular person didn't have a father. And I said, you have a real chance here to to create some circuitry about. The connection between sensuality and deep care, and it's really important to do that because if you don't do that, you're going to she has this crush on this older guy and it's like the forbidden person and he's not nice to her all the time. So she's getting the endorphin hit and then the sadness and that whole thing. And I'm like, you have this other person that's willing to be led. And I know it might feel like a pain in the ass that you're having to do it all. But I come up against that with women a lot and like they want their husband to read a book or go to the tonsure workshop in their partners just like, can you just do that and tell me and then I'll do whatever you wanna do like I'm totally open to it. And women are like, well, I don't wanna do that. And it's like, well, I understand..

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