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I think I think in Most states probably but but I mean good for him. It's never too late to make a right and like run as a write-in candidate, right? Because I think we're Sandbar did that a few years ago or religious for governor, California? I don't know. I don't wasn't. You know what she was actually on a ballot. I think. Yeah. I don't know if it was for president or if it was for I think was for president wage. Yeah, and and her thing was the only real comedian running for president, right? That was her like campaigns like yeah. Yeah. I remember that. I thought it was for governor. I think she may Governor kids. I mean, mean that respect when I not run 4 guns that was back when I was running for governor Rhodes and it was somebody else there was like always actors and a pornstar somewhere in their lives. There was a pornstar room off. Yeah, why not? Well, I mean they're actors too. Yeah. So Kanye going crazy. He tweeted did you see all the stuff? He tweeted know you don't go on Twitter? I don't know Twitter. I don't feed it. All this stuff about his wife like he tweeted he tweeted about home movie get out with about him. Oh my God, this guy. Just fucking guy got Kanye Kanye. Give I don't have I just like, you know every now it's going to get better. Right? Yeah, cuz cuz cuz a couple of about four or five days ago the beams. The beads beaver beaver the beaver. All right goes to Wyoming cuz Kanye has been in Wyoming mountains. Yeah meeting all this crazy stuff and doing all this crazy stuff like you went to the hospital and then he came out of the hospital. You went to the hospital on his four-wheeler. Some always had. Let me tell you something if you're going to go somewhere to be batshit-crazy Wyoming with without having to do harm to other people go to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Yeah, right Big Ass Ranch. Yeah. Just going crazy. Yeah. I mean, I think he's going crazy. I don't know what other people think that's what I like. And I mean at least at least he's like he picked he picked the right spot to do it. Yeah, so Bieber and Chappell going to see him but it would be birth that got him to apologize to his wife for all the stuff that he said. Yeah about his wife. I don't care how great you think are. You don't fucking trash talk your wife on Twitter. Yeah. Yeah. There's a girl. Will be earlier must get into. Who the guy the Tesla guy? Oh, he'll on musk Elon. Yeah Elliot heat rash. His wife on I think Twitter or Joe Rogan one of the two. I can't remember if you'd like and his wife was just like dude. I've done. Yeah, for real. Yeah, but old Kim is standing by her man. Well, you know good for him good for her what but you know, I'm Kim is used to the whole fucked-up family Dynamic, right? No, not that I'm judging right? Not that I'm judging right but you know, she's used to fucked-up family Dynamic public garage and you met her family. I mean, yeah Dad's no longer your dad technically mean. What do you call? What do you what what do you call wrong with that still be bad parents parent? I still the person that raised you right that's all a whole other that's a whole other thing there and I don't really know. So, yeah, it's kind of an interesting. It's kind of an interesting deal with him. I wonder if you like he actually had presidential campaigns like he had didn't campaign speeches. Did he really? Yeah yelled Rally's did he really young like two of them in Wyoming? Yeah. No. No, neither one of them. I can't remember where they were when he talked about some he talked about the whole thing that got the Twitter thing started with that. He talked about all this personal stuff that happened in his life and about Kim and all this other stuff happened in life nine for the whole that's when all the Twitter rains happen and everybody was like the economy is going crazy. Yeah, I don't care who you are. Don't fucking air your grievances on Twitter. Yeah. That's another reason why Twitter is an email thing. Yeah, and I'm really like Twitter. I don't like getting canceled like any of that bucket like who you know what really confuses me about Twitter page. It's not. All right, what confuses me is not that people post shit on Twitter incessantly, it's not that people post. Should they shouldn't should post on Twitter or confuses me about Twitter is that millions or possibly billions of people regularly log in to see what these people have to say about 30 characters or less. Yeah. Like I've never understood the who the fuck wants to do that apparently everybody in America. Yeah. Okay. I mean there's some people that are there's I mean, it's just weird to me cuz there's like people that are good deals on Twitter, but they're not really big deals if you know what I mean, like they're big on Twitter like like like I am Who am I thinking of? Shaun King, I don't know who that is. Anyway, he's a big Twitter guy. Like he's he's tweets always get retweeted. And he's just Twitter famous. Yeah, who was like house like, I mean unless you're a fucking Haiku poet. How do you get Twitter famous between stuff that that people find find to be the truth or there or someone in the middle of their true thoughts and they can relate to it somehow. I mean I can see if it's if if what you do is you Tweet shit that makes angry people feel angrier. Yeah. Yeah, that's kind of old guy does okay and he's written a couple of bugs. He's like, I think he's like a political analyst or something. I don't know but if if he's a big deal on Twitter, he's not a political analyst. He's a fucking anger month. Yeah. He's either a haiku poet or an anger Monger e or or a short form comedian. Yeah, but see even comedians on Twitter. They're still funny. I sub. You know, they're not as funny as they think are right there. Some of them in are actually pretty good but that goes they did cuz there's like there's like Twitter famous, right? And then there's like YouTube famous where there's like a weird shit on YouTube, but you can be famous for our YouTube, right? There's like family YouTube frogs, you know what? I mean? I know I just tortured you and made you watch some of them but let me the Family Video the family Vlogs on YouTube or like the weirdest things in the world. It is just so strange to me that you would put a camera on your family and videotape your family Lego blog and your kids act like idiots. I mean, I feel like it's just something you do if you're okay. All right, I'm going to go on a rant here first, you know, if I offended me please forgive me, but if you think that your family were your kids act like idiots and you love each other or whatever. Oh and you know, you could be goofy in the same room that if you think your family is so fucking special that you should video tape it said video. Yeah, but that you should fucking record it and then post it on YouTube for all.

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