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Basement of Saint Luke Lutheran church in Bellevue. A simple song paints, a complicated picture. Really a blessing now the outside on the street. We know where to go after word Stoltze will tell you tough life choices left him without a home. The first night, I said street when I got kicked out of Jews already twenty six degrees. I literally didn't think I'd make Nick is the type of man David bowling See's daily of Saint people with two houses, and boats and cars end up here. Mulling the executive director for the congregation for the homeless and organization helping men become whole being homeless is a time job. And it wears you down. Where's your sense of identity down? Currently eleven thousand two hundred homeless living King County nearly forty five hundred considered unsheltered and Seattle much lower in east. King County less than four hundred many say, CF H, helps keep the east side clear of homeless encampments in parks and along freeways, where it all began twenty five years ago when they began recruiting local churches, and congregations to open their basements, and become a monthly show. Alter the shelter for the month of may Saint, Luke Lutheran and Bellevue in June. The shelter move to Christ the king Lutheran east gate and each month, a different congregation becomes a shelter a total of twelve opened up their basements, but other congregations also help out another seventeen provide volunteers meals. We have a lot of Lutheran church Presbyterian, some Jewish synagogues, Sikhs, and Muslims supporting them, we've got a real interfaith group of people Kenny, drew volunteered since one thousand.

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