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To see like ninety videos and four days again of all this gear garbage and las vegas after you recover from saint patrick's day yeah hope everybody had a great safe clean saint patrick's as will all our people out there so let's move onto headlines now our first piece of news is something that we've been waiting to say for a long time and that is after seven years of development and production our boss ryan coup is about to drop the greatest piece of original content in no film school history on talking of course about his debut feature amateur which is slated to premiere netflix original worldwide on april sixth two thousand eighteen it stars michael rainey junior josh charles sharon lee all brian white and corey parker robinson so if you're not the millionaire with his project the film was a sundance screenwriter's lab selection and it's actually been being executive produced by former nba all stars tony pirker and michael finley i like that we have someone from the spurs and some from the mavericks they were both on the spurs at one was findlay also on the spread okay i don't know i don't know ryan has no connection to san antonio so that's omitted to hear how that came about but we might actually be able to hear more about that later on the movie follows a fourteen year old basketball phanom named terron forte as he navigates the under the table world of amateur athletics when he is recruited to an elite ncwa prep school were especially proud because amateur started right here on new film school with a kickstarter campaign back when the screenplay was titled man child and it was one of the most successful kick starters for a movie ever at that time over the years ryan wrote about the process including running his kickstarter campaign and going to sunan screenwriter's lab but he's been off line for the past two years as he went to production which as we all know is quite a bit more than a fulltime job so now that he's finished were more than happy to have him back and for.

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