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This is for AirAsia. Maricopa County voters. Wow. There. I done my duty. The horse whisperers h. o. a. r. s. e. I really like he commented on this, Kyle Griffin is reporting. The Trump administration has pledged to pay four billion, seven hundred million dollars to farmers who have been negatively impacted by Trump's tariffs, right? And the horse whisperer says, men who used sham charity to pay own liabilities with other people's money proposes doing same thing with taxpayer funds. This is still just today's tweets by the way. I haven't yet done yesterday. Okay. Christina. Wilkie she is with MS CNBC as I recall. She said hearing tonight. Let me just open this up because I'm not sure. I believe this one hundred percent hearing not not that she's wrong, but I'm hearing tonight from a surprising number of veterans and vets. Relatives who all say, Trump's handling McCain's death, especially the flag fiasco, did irreparable damage to their opinion of him, which has been positive until now White House and GOP take note is more serious than you think. And I said, I'm not sure I have faith in this. I believe her reporting. I don't have faith in what the people say. Well, you know, little by little look his his nonsense with these women is is really whittling away at his support among women. You know, he won the white women. I don't think he's winning in the polling of white women. Now. You know, hopefully just all the things he does. It's eating away at people who have even one little, I oughta of conscience. You know, that's what I'm hoping that is exactly what I'm hoping. And I hope they vote against everything he stands for. So he'll Kapoor from Bloomberg said, Mitch, McConnell, quote, I have a, I have total confidence in the attorney general. He ought to stay exactly where he is. Okay. Well, Mitch, McConnell said, Yep. So that's note. Mitch McConnell, the turbo. Torquay girdle now onto yesterday's. Okay. Daniel Dale. He did a whole a whole run on the Mexico agreement thing that Trump was right. They'll check the biggest trade deal in the history of the war in history. Oh, yes, that's covered here are I'm just going to read you. He was doing his live tweeting and he's so good at faction. He's so good at this. The US has made a breakthrough with Mexico which the president is describing away at odds with reality while also threatening candidate in a way. His negotiators might just ignore Trump's super casually said he'll be terminating the existing deal until we hear more. I'd be skeptical, but he's actually doing that. It is very clear that he does not know what he's talking about and that he's making this up as he goes. I expected Trump to oversell and miss sell what has happened, but he has exceeded my expectations and was bugging me as a side note here is that it despite this, every news organization is reporting this as a trade deal. It is still even today Reuters put out trade deal that it is not a deal. It is is a pre pre amble for a free deal? Yeah, it's it's not a deal. It's it's an outline sort of maybe it's like it's like what he did with everything else with with North Korea with everything he does is it sounds like he's, he says, it's a deal. It's a piece of paper or a conversation that says, oh, hey, you know what? Maybe we'll do this, right? Well, why this happened, why I put this clip in what's news, but I'll play it again. It's Allie Vel she talking with Ron insana of CNBC right after they played the tape of of him, you know, with the phone thing and Enrica and Ricky and we gay and we get. So here's her healer. Here's what they said. What questions about John McCain? No answers from the president. We had simultaneous translation from the Spanish to English for the Mexican president. Unfortunately, we didn't have simultaneous translation for the English English because the president made not a whole lot of sense there. I got running solder to help me out with us. We got a minute. On, but that was that was a little hard to interpret it was. It's a point of understanding the way president NATO described it in..

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